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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Parenting- a mix of zen and unzen

I have been reading a book over break all about finding your center, being zen, blah blah blah.  So I woke up this morning ready to live a very zen life. 

I was zen until...6:22 when my first child busted in the bathroom while I was trying to pee.  I have officially meditated for 35 seconds.  I screamed at my youngest and told her that I would drop her off at the nearest orphanage if she didn't stop sticking her tongue out at me.  In fact, I have counted five interruptions since I have started writing this blog.  Yeah, I got this zen thing down. 

Now, in trying to be "zen" I am trying not to be critical and judgemental of my failures to be zen.  I have enough of that from family, friends, and random strangers at the grocery store.  As if my own self-criticism weren't harsh enough, parents have to deal with parenting tips from others and my two favorite statements:

"I would NEVER let MY kid do that" and "MY kids NEVER did that."

When I encounter these statements I have come up with very peaceful, zen replies:
"Everyone parents differently" and "Wow.  That's really amazing. You should hold a parenting seminar."   (My unzen thoughts are usually "Bullshit and go fuck yourself.")

Parenting is the most challenging thing that I have ever done.  It is physically and emotionally draining.  It makes you question every single decision you make.  It makes you hate your partner, hate your children, hate your family/friends/that bitch at the grocery store, and hate yourself (usually momentarily, sometimes for weeks at a time).   But for every unzen moment I have had today, I have had moments of holding my child and eye gazing with her.  I got to talk a friend through a tough parenting moment where she just needed to be listened to and not criticized.  And I know that later tonight I will watch my husband with my children and feel completely whole for 35 seconds before the fighting starts over who gets to cuddle where. 

I am a parent 100% of the time.  There is not a lot of down time for meditation. And just when you relax for the night, someone coughs or pukes.  I am hoping to to be zen for 10% of the day tomorrow and I'm pretty sure my best chance to meditate is when I take a shower.  Although that is never a guarantee, I am going to keep trying.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Limitations+ doubt = bullshit

One of my best friends totally inspired me today.  She told me that instead of making resolutions this year, she is not going to set limitations for herself.

I love this.  In fact, I'm obsessed with it's simplistic brilliance. How many times do we get wrapped up in shoulds, woulds, cant's and wont's?  Resolutions often have undertones of negativity that just don't serve us.  Instead of thinking in these terms, it seems to be much more productive to focus our energy on believing in ourselves, believing in our capabilities, shutting down those doubting voices in our heads, and live without fear of failure.

Repeat after me:  I will not set limitations for myself.

I am choosing to cop my friend's style this year and live without limits.  I am going to truly believe in myself, in the universe, and in the wonderful people in my life and know that they will take me where I need to go at the pace that I am meant to be going.  I am going to manifest all of the beautiful things I can for myself and the incredible people in my life. Most importantly, instead of focusing on fears and anxiety, I am going to shift my thoughts to fearlessness and positivity.   I will work hard to get all of the things I want out of my life that I have either consciously or unconsciously have been afraid to see come to fruition.  

2012 is going to be the year of NO LIMITS! 


Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Miracle

I have chosen to surround myself with wonderful, positive, generous people.  Life is too short to hang with assholes.  Although time and busy schedules often separate us, it amazes me how some of my friends know exactly what I need and when I need it, even if they are unaware of the impact of their actions/words.  The highlight of my Christmas this year was not only getting to see a good friend that I have not been able to spend nearly enough time with this year, but to experience her absolute selflessness and how connected we really are.

Christmas Eve morning, Nate and I were checking out Molly's favorite boots and realized that they were pretty much done for the year.  In fact, both of the girls were in dire need of new boots. My good friend texted me early that afternoon asking if she could stop by with gifts for the kids.  When she stopped by she busted out... UGG Boots for the girls.  It was truly a Christmas miracle.  Not only did the girls get the boots they desperately needed, but she bought them The Creme de la Creme of boots.  I was absolutely blown away- not only by her generosity- but that she knew (without knowing) exactly what we needed and when we needed it.  Some would consider this a coincidence, but I am too much of a new age hippie to believe that nonsense.

I call that being in tune. 

Thank you to my friend, who has been there for me through thick and thin, and is truly generous to everyone in her life, including my children.  She is someone who gives without expectations.  A person like her is rare and unique and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

I love you

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The year in Crossfit

About one year ago, I walked into Crossfit Inspire in Frasier, PA for the first time.  I remember walking into the "box," not knowing anyone (except Dylan, the person who got me started- THANK YOU), seeing the prescribed workout on the board, and almost shitting my pants.  I am a former college athlete and before starting Crossfit, would have considered myself in pretty good shape.

That all changed.

One year ago I remember telling my coach, Darin, that I have never done a pull up and would probably never do one.  That day, with the help of a band, I did ten.  Today I did 14 without a band.  I am an almost 32 year old woman who has two kids and am in better shape today than I have ever been in my life.

In one year, I have challenged myself to face fears.  I have scaled walls.  I have done GHD situps, I have done box jumps, I have bench pressed, dead lifted, squat snatched and lifted heavy, heavy weights- sometimes close to, if not more than my own body weight.  I ran a 10 mile race and smashed my goal time.  I (kind of) did a Dragon Boat race. 

I have watched my body change. Not in the "oooooh! I'm so skinny, now" but in the "ooooh!  I'm strong as shit, now!"  The confidence from seeing new, strong muscles has been way more gratifying than the exhausting challenge of dieting to see sharp hipbones.  Now I'm building the body that I want, not the body that others think I should have.

I have looked at other people with such respect and admiration.  Seeing them push themselves and then having the self-awareness and grace to take a step back when need be has been beautiful to observe.  I have seen all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, ages, and genders kick ass, take names, and then take them again.

I have a new team.  As someone who has always been on a team my entire life, I feel like this was something that was really missing in my adult life.  I missed practices, competition, and the bond that comes from being with team mates.  Now I have that again. I have to force myself to take rest days because if meeting the challenges of the workout wasn't incentive enough, getting to seeing my buddies and what they have accomplished makes it really difficult to take a day off.  Today, when I did pull ups for the first time without a band, I was obviously excited, but I also had the joy of sharing it with my friends/team mates, who were just as thrilled as I was. 

So if I sound passionate about this, I am.  I love it.  This has been probably the best part of 2011 for me and has helped me cope with stress, hard ships, deaths of friends and family, and the trauma of being dumped into the Schuylkill river during the Dragon Boat Race (hahaha). 

I am always willing to introduce you to Crossfit.  Do yourselves a favor and take me up on it. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nate is great

I am on my 6th day all vegan and mostly raw.  It always amazes me how good I feel when I am living this way.  Not only physically, but mentally.  I don't operate with hang ups and guilt.  It is really nice to free myself of those demons.

I have to give some serious shout outs and props to my husband.  Nate was my inspiration in becoming a vegetarian many, many years ago and becoming so passionate about nutrition.  He has been helping me out the last couple of weekends with the grocery shopping.  The reasons being two-fold:  1) I ALWAYS go WAY over budget and 2) to take something off my insane to-do list. 

Here is why he is awesome.  When Nate came home from the store on Sunday, I helped him to unpack the groceries.  I noticed that there was only one animal product- butter.  Nate did not pick up any meat, eggs, or other dairy products in a silent, manly show of support for me.  It really meant a lot and I called him out on his super sensitivity right away despite his effort to be stoic about it.  He told me that he understands how important this decision is to me and that having meat in the house is too big of a temptation. 

Nate also had a very insightful point for me.  I was making too much out of food.  Whether it was raw, paleo, or regular old food, I have been over thinking it, trying to make it gourmet, and not focusing on just eating for function.  I have been making food WAY too complicated.  All of those years of watching Food Network has made me feel like I have to be the nutritional Giada at every meal.  He is helping me take the pressure off myself and off the household by just fixing a healthy, uncomplicated vegan dinner that everyone enjoys. 

On Sunday, it was as simple as brown rice, some veggies, a little sesame oil, and some Nama Shoya.  It was uncomplicated, delicious and everyone- even the kids- enjoyed it. 

I am really, really grateful for my supportive, wonderful husband.  He loves my brand of crazy like no other. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding peace

This blog is for me to be honest with you and honest with myself.  Now that my school schedule is mellowing out, I've had a little more time to myself to focus on what is real to me and what I really want.  I think about what makes me feel peaceful and what makes me feel turmoil.

So once again, I find myself inspired to give this vegan thing a go again.  The funny thing that has shifted in me this time is a little different than what has moved me in the past.  Before, it was all about my own health.  This time it's not only about my health, but the health of others, including animals.  I watched Food, Inc. with my husband one night last week.  I would recommend watching it.  I enjoyed it, but to be honest, it didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know.  The thing that caused my shift was in a scene where a farmer on a family non-factory farm shoved a chicken in a shoot thing and slit its' throat.  It was quick, and probably the best method of death for that chicken, but it really bothered me.  I've been ruminating on it, and haven't eaten meat since I saw it.

Violence really bothers me.  For those of you who know me, I cannot watch horror movies, not because of blood and gore, but because I cannot watch people (and apparently animals) being hurt.  When I was a kid, my dad would stab the pumpkin we were carving for Halloween and scream like he was hurting it to be funny.  Even that bothered my little sensitive heart. 

So I've made a fo' real decision to move forward.  To be peaceful.  To make changes based on that peace and to achieve optimal health.  If I have candida flare ups, I know to eat more avocados, greens, and green juices and less fruits.

I keep having this number of one year in my head.  My intuition says that if I make it a year, I can change.  So that is how shit is going to go.  I'm going vegan for one year.  Today is day one of year one.  I will keep you posted.  Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers, and manifestations.  I really need your positive energy and support.  In fact, I'm begging for it. 

It's early, so here is what I've consumed today for those interested
shot of wheatgrass, lime, cayenne pepper, and stevia in 10oz water
8 oz green juice
3 celery sticks and peanut butter (2.5 tbspn)

Lunch will probably be a protein smoothie and dinner probably a salad with avocado and olive oil.  Maybe a Larabar in there somewhere. 

Every time I have gone back and forth I have learned something new and have made progress.  I am really hoping to find peace and wisdom through this process and that on December 1, 2012, I will be blogging that I made it one whole year as a vegan!

For those of you looking for some detox ideas, here is a great website I am starting to promote:


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Agave Kettle Corn

When fall hits, there are certain delicious flavors that even the most health conscious, allergy ridden person should not be without.  One of my favs is kettle corn.  Since I can't have cane sugar, I have had to improvise and came up with the most amazing little treat. 

I pop fresh popped pop corn in coconut oil
When it finished popping, I sprinkled it with cinnamon, nutmeg, and himalayan salt
Then I drizzled Agave nectar on top, stirred it to coat the popcorn, and BOOM!  A delicious treat that is filled with fiber and satisfies the sweet and salty beast in all of us. 

After my my run today, it totally hit the carby spot!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Juice

Raw, Paleo, and Standard American Diet following friends alike should add this alkaline gem into their food repertoire.  Green juice is not always the yummiest thing in the world, but if you can down a shot of vodka or chug a beer, you can certainly down some liquid chlorophyll that purifies your body and hydrates your cells. 

Here is what I have been juicing:
1 cucumber
1 bunch of romaine
1 lime
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
*if you are a total wuss, add an apple and it will sweeten it.  And don't cheap out, buy organic, you DO NOT want to juice pesticides and send them directly into your blood stream (just sayin').

Drink this first thing in the morning and follow with fruit, a green smoothie, or your normal breakfast after about 20 minutes.  The 20 minutes allows the juice to hit up your sexy body without distracting it from doing its magic with having to digest other foods.  

I have a Jack Lalane juicer that was gifted to me a few years ago from one of Nate's co-workers.  It was when I first started learning about raw foods and how powerful they can be in healing your body.  I am a firm believer in manifestation and if you take positive energy and love, focus it in the right direction, then beautiful things will find you.  In this case, I manifested a juicer.  It wasn't as specific as I WANT A JUICER, it was more a general manifestation of helping me to find health and a healing path for me, my family, and my friends.  The juicer found its way to me and has provided the family with beautiful, healthy juices for the past few years.  I hope this blog finds people who are trying to find health and longevity just like that juicer found me ;0)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are we addicted to food?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that one.  An emphatic YES. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I am not the only one who has found themselves at the bottom of a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream and thought, "Oh shit, I just ate all of that!"  As we are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving, I can't help but think about the gorge fest that we are all about to partake in and our physical and mental reactions to our feasts.  You know what I'm talking about:  psychological beat downs as we step on our scales the next morning, feeling exhausted and grumpy, doped up and ready for another round of stuffing, and the well adjusted few who can handle Thanksgiving without any  major incidences.  I already know I will bake, feast, and guilt  myself to death over what I should have and could have done better nutritionally.

What exactly is this about?  Dopamine bitches.  Dopamine.  It is the reason we gorge.  It is a feel good chemical that is released when we eat certain foods, do illegal fun, and have wild sex.  It is why you see shit tons of sugar at AA meetings and why we just can't seem to give up certain foods no matter how hard we try.  Sugar, wheat, meat and dairy cause spikes in dopamine that cause addictive cycles much like what we see in other addictions like drugs, alcohol, and sex.  Check out what I found on Web MD:

"Neal Barnard, MD, for example, says he believes that cheese, meat, chocolate, and sugar are addictive foods in the diets of millions of Americans. Barnard, the author of Breaking the Food Seduction and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, says that these foods contain chemical compounds that stimulate the brain's secretion of opiate-like, "feel-good" chemicals like dopamine, which drive our cravings for them.
Alan Goldhamer, DC, co-author of The Pleasure Trap and director of TrueNorth Health Center in Rohnert Park, Calif., agrees. "A large percentage of the population is vulnerable to the effects of this hyperstimulation [from foods that trigger dopamine production], and they get caught up in an addictive cycle," he says. But unlike the addiction to drugs, which is widely acknowledged, this problem remains largely unrecognized, according to proponents of the food addiction theory."
source *http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/break-your-food-addictions

So what do you think?  As a former sugar addict, I know I was like a crack head when I came off the stuff.  Same with caffeine and wheat.  Now what about meat and dairy?  Are they addicting too and is that why I am having such a difficult time removing them from my diet permanently?  Very important food for thought.   

Here are my addictive eating scenarios:
Vegetarian- still addicted to wheat, dairy, and sugar
Vegan (the first few go arounds)- still addicted to wheat and sugar
Standard American Diet- addicted to everything in sight
Candida diet- still addicted to meat and dairy
Raw Vegan and Paleo- would still indulge in meat and dairy
Now I wouldn't say I am an alcoholic, but alcohol has been present in my life during all of these dietary stages.  It is clear that it is addictive and can lower your inhibitions and make you more likely to indulge in things like cocaine, that extra piece of cheesecake, or in my case, meat and dairy.

I'm really thinking this might be thesis material for me.  I am seriously considering giving up alcohol, meat, and dairy cold turkey for an entire year to see if I can overcome cravings and get my body to the point where it is operating at optimal awesome. The way I look at it, if my body is operating optimally, I should crave kale and apples, not vodka martinis and steaks.  My body should be looking for nutrient rich foods, not crap.  When I was vegetarian, I didn't crave meat, but I had other addictive foods to go to for comfort and dopamine/opiate rushes.  When I took out sugar and wheat, my go-to addictive foods have been meat and dairy.  Do you see what I'm getting at?  Is this why there is such a struggle for me to align my ethics with my body?  Such interesting things to think about.

 I want your thoughts. And if you think this is bullshit, you will not hurt my feelings, I really want opinions, experiences, and ideas about this even if they are contrary to my own.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paleo Pumpkin Spice PROTEIN latte. Whassup!?!

I turned my new favorite Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe into a protein latte.  You knew I would find a way to health up that bad boy even more!

The original recipe had honey.  I made my first one with the honey and it was delicious, but that is entirely too much sugar for me, so I tweaked it.  Here's what I came up with:

Jane's Protein Pumpkin Spice Latte
Step 1 (we can have lots of fun)
Brew 2 cups of your favorite coffee- I use a hazelnut decaf

Step 2 (there's so much we can do)
While that is brewing, add these ingredients to a sauce pan on your stove top over low to medium heat:

1/2 c. unsweetened coconut milk
and wisk in 2 tablespoons of Pumpkin Puree (the stuff in a can)

Step 3 (it's just you and me)
Take it off the heat after the puree is wisked in.  The milk will turn a nice light orange shade.  Very sexy. 

Step 4 (I can give you more)
Now here is when I got experimental.  I added 1 scoop of vanilla egg white protein powder after I took it off the heat.  I use a brand called Vicol in the Ice Cream Vanilla Flavor.  You could use whatever you have on hand.  If you're feeling really brave, and you have chocolate powder on hand, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.   

Wisk your protein powder into your coconut milk and pumpkin.  It might be a little lumpy, but that mellows out.  Then add the coffee into your saucepan and give it another wisk. 

Step 5 (don't you know that the time has arrived!!!)
You can add a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg for some additional fall shits and giggles.

Fun Fact Time BITCHES!!!!
Nutmeg is used in homeopathy to ease depression and anxiety.  No wonder so much of it comes out this time of year- I guess it keeps us from getting too nutty- get it????  Nutty...Nutmeg...

p.s. did you love my NKOTB reference?  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review of the past two weeks on Paleo

I started out the Crossfit Paleo challenge two weeks ago.  And while I have had some successes, there have also been some fails.  I have lost a few pounds (I started out at 142, and am now around 135) which is great.  I still have about 10 pounds to go to get to goal.  I was hoping to be further ahead as far as weight loss goes at this point, BUT...I have been cooking and eating like a wild caveman asshole.

Here's how that works.  I started the challenge in full force- low carb and kicking ass.  Then, I started losing weight really quickly and took the bitch out mentality of:  I'm losing a shit ton of weight, I can coast a little bit. 

Coasting turned into experimenting with all sorts of new recipes and concocting Paleo delights.  It has been fun, but now I have to get back down to business.  I have two weeks left and a contest to win BITCHES!!!!  So it is go time. 

My lost time in the challenge is your gain.  Here are a few of recipes I have tried:

Pumpkin Chilli
28 oz can of Plain Pumpkin
28 oz can of Crushed Tomatoes
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 red pepper
1 onion
1 lb ground turkey
ground cinnamon (1-2 tsp), allspice (1/4 tsp), nutmeg (1/4 tsp), and ginger (1/4)  or to taste.  You can omit any of the spices if you aren't into them
salt and pepper to taste

Chop your peppers and onion
Melt the coconut oil in a pan/cast iron skillet and saute your veggies
While they are working, dump in your can of pumpkin, tomatoes, and spices into a crock pot
Dump sauted veggies into the crockpot
Brown your turkey in your skillet and add it to the crock pot
cook on low until you are ready to chow down

Salmon Salad
1 precooked salmon filet (I used leftovers from last night's dinner, or you can quickly pan sear your own)
2 cups of salad greens (I used butter leaf lettuce)
2 slices of Applegate Farms Procuitto chopped
5 or 6 strawberries chopped into small pieces
1 tablespoon coconut oil melted
salt and pepper to taste

I was so tired of olive oil on salads that I experimented with the coconut butter.  It solidify a little bit on the sides of my bowl, but it was a tasty change of taste bud scenery. 

Snack Time Trail Mix
2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds
2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons of almonds
1 teaspoon of honey
1 tablespoon of melted coconut butter
sprinkling of cinnamon
a pinch of salt
stir it all together and eat the hell out of it!!!! 

Nate and I made Paleo Pizzas the other night.  They were really good and if Nate liked them, they are a win (because he will totally tell me if something tastes like a trash can).  The crust is here:

We did sausage, spinach, and onion for one pizza and cheese steak (minus the cheese), onion, and mushrooms for the second

I was talking to some insightful pals at Crossfit today.  We were discussing how challenging transitioning to this lifestyle can be without baby steps.  Some great ways to ease your transition are:
-Take it one meal at a time
-Remove one thing at a time (ex:  first sugar, then wheat, then dairy)
-Try two new recipes a week

We didn't develop shitty eating habits overnight and they can't be completely shut down overnight.  There is a huge emotional component to eating that can be an ongoing challenge.  Celebrate your successes and acknowledge your failures.  Let them teach you about yourself and learn so that the previous fail becomes a win.   
Happy Halloween!!!!  Guess who won't be eating candy????  That's right, my ass is sweet enough without it ;0) 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jane on a Diet Post 3- What the f to eat on Paleo???

Hi loves!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!  My diet is going fabulously and I will tell you all about what I am eating so that you guys have an idea of how to make a Paleo diet manageable.

I have been eating 3 or 4 organic eggs, onion and peppers.  Instead of butter, I use coconut oil to cook my foods. 

Lunches are usually organic deli meat, left over chicken breasts, or whatever meat we had the night before over greens dressed with olive oil

Dinners have been fish, chicken, steaks or some other type of meat with either grilled veggies or salads dressed with olive oil. Tonight we have hair cuts and don't have time to sit down to a meal, so I just had some celery sticks with about 4 tablespoons of almond butter spiced with cinnamon.  So yummy!

Snacks and dinners on nights I have class have been 1/2 cup of almonds and walnuts.

I have a condition called candida, a yeast overgrowth in the body, which I am trying to get back under control.  After trying to do the raw vegan thing for so long, my candida was majorly agitated, I was gaining weight, and starting to have a lot of anxiety attacks and other symptoms of the illness.  That being said, I have to watch my fruit intake.  Dried fruit is usually a no no and honey is off the table for now.  Hopefully once I get my symptoms regulated, I can add grapefruits and green apples a few times a week to get more variety.

For those of you who don't have candida and are trying out Paleo for weight loss, it's best to also keep fruit to a minimum.  Two pieces a day and preferably low glycemic fruits like green apples, grapefruits, and berries will work.  If you are looking to maintain or gain weight, go to town with the fruit.  Dried fruits, like medjool dates, are a delicious addition to your nuts and seeds.  Try chopping them up, adding some cinnamon, and a pinch of himalayan sea salt. 

FYI- you will probably have detox symptoms- nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, hunger, carb cravings, etc.  PUSH THROUGH!  It is well worth it.  I thought I was going to puke the other day during my Crossfit workout, but today was much, much better.  Each day I have fewer sugar cravings and am feeling more and more like myself again.  It has been a struggle to eat meat again, but when now that I am getting my "JaneNess" back, I am reminding myself that my health and feeling good is priority one. 

If you are starting to lose weight too quickly, add fats.  I started out not eating nuts, but noticed that the weight was flying off at almost too rapid a pace so I added nuts back in.  So far I have lost about 5 pounds.  Since I added nuts back in, my weight loss has been slower.  Now if it gets too slow, those bitches will be back on the shelf ASAP ;0)

Hope you guys are having success!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jane on a Diet Day 2

Yesterday I went to a Paleo Nutrition Seminar at my gym- Crossfit Inspire in Frasier, PA www.crossfitinspire.com- and was very motivated to get started on my diet.  My goal weight is 125.  I normally weight around 130-135.  I weighed in at 142 and 20.3% body fat.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.  Taking ownership is key when you are ready to make some changes and I am taking ownership of every morsel of delicious food I have eaten. So here I am, ready to get some pounds off and happy that I caught myself before things got really out of hand.  Although,  I don't think I really minded the extra pounds too much because my boobs got bigger.

My strategy is based off of the Paleo Diet.  There are tons of great websites to google and get more information on it.  The basic tenets are:

EAT:  Fruits, Veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, honey and meat (grass fed and organic is best)
NO:  Dairy, grains, refined sugars, agave nectar, etc. 

For my plan, I am going meats and veggies for the first two weeks.  I am in a contest and I really want to jump start my weight loss and fat loss.  For anyone else, especially those new to the lifestyle, I would include fruits, nuts, and seeds since you are not in a contest and looking to make a lifestyle change.

Now that you have the diet down, exercise is another key component.  Five days a week for at least 30 minutes.  Finding something you love is key.  Crossfit works for me.  I have to force myself to take rest days because I love it so much.  It's the best thing I've found (and I've tried it all) that gets insane results and can be modified for ANYONE of ANY SIZE.  Find things that work for you.  Zumba classes, hiking, pushing strollers up and down hills.  What I would recommend is if you are not lifting weights, you need to start.  Muscle=lean sexy bods that burn more calories at rest.  Get more of it.

BUT I AM SO BUSY!!!!  Bullshit.  I am a mom, wife, and a full time doctoral student and I manage to make it to the gym almost everyday.  Stop making excuses and get your ass moving.  Even if you do push ups, sit ups, and squats while your favorite show is at a commercial.  Jump rope for 20 minutes every day.   Exercise is the key to more energy.  You want to feel better, get moving.

I know you guys hate me right now, but you want results, right???  Who's on board!?!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jane on a diet

I have a confession to make:  Optimal Health Mama has been the Optimal Feeding Frenzy Mama for the past month.  I now need to knock it off.  I have gained some weight and I need to get my shit together before it gets out of hand. 

Thankfully, Crossfit Inspire is having a body fat/weight loss competition that starts tomorrow after a nutritional seminar.  I am always a down ass bitch when there is a month of free Crossfit on the line.  I am going to be following the recommended nutritional plan that this dude convinces me to try and hopefully get rid of these pounds.  As I go, I am going to share strategies and hopefully we can all drop a few before the holidays. 

Here are two things that are easy to implement right off the bat:  Drink your body weight in water and no eating after 6 p.m.  

I bought a severely slutty Halloween costume, so I need to look svelte and sexy not frumpy and dumpy so I'm hoping to get some quick results.  Alright loves...are you ready????  Because it's so on!!!! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Are you guys really that bored at work that you want me to write more blogs???  Alright, here we go.

I am a highly competitive person. What I lack in intelligence and talent, I have learned to make up for with hard work.  So when someone says:  I ate 30 bananas a day and can run 40 miles without breaking a sweat, I'm thinking to myself, "Let's Do THIS BITCH!!!!  I'M IN!  If you can do it.  I can do it too." 

Sometimes I wonder my competitive nature is a friend or foe.  It COULD be said that I lack balance (NAH). But the good thing about someone who is competitive with a good work ethic is that I am willing to work to find balance.  I am willing to work to find what works for me.  I am willing to try anything to get there (even a 3,000 calorie fruit diet). 

When I last wrote, I talked about the 80-10-10 diet.  NOT FOR ME.  I lasted a few days and was a hot mess.  I can see how people really thrive eating this way, but I am not one of them. This was NOT balanced for me.  Too much fruit, not enough veggies,not enough protein and not enough fat for me. 

Next move was I started incorporating meat and a little dairy back into my diet.  Of course there was no balance there.  My ass was at Station Taproom eating wings within days.  I started eating too much meat and was not feeling in optimal balance. 

So here I am, 6 pounds heavier (6.5 but I round down NO MATTER WHAT) and exhausted of thinking about food.  I like eating raw and vegan, but I love to cook and make food for my family and eat dinner together.  They are so NOT raw vegans nor do I expect them to be. 

Mental Note 1:  Eating tons of fruits and veggies is good, but not eating anything else is NOT fun. 

Mental Note 2:  It is NOT fun to make a beautiful dinner, not eat it, and then drink your 3rd brown rice protein powder smoothie of the day with your crew.  BOO.  Not balanced.

Mental Note 3:  It is NOT fun to eat entirely too much meat, feel like your skin is gray and that you took out a farm on your own this week.

Okay.  So where do we go from here.  You know neurotic, competitive Jane has a plan.  I am NOT cutting out meat, fruits, or vegetables.  I am going to BALANCE (say it with me...BALANCE) my diet. 

My plan thus far is to eat 2 raw meals and cook dinner with meat, veggies, etc. for my family and eat it with them.  Sounds pretty simple and healthy AND balanced.  It is the advice I give to people who are starting out high raw.  Now let's see if I can do it ;0)

Will try to keep you posted but I'm having trouble BALANCING this blog with MIDTERMS. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

80-10-10 Update

I've been following the 80-10-10 diet for the past seven days.  I'm pleasantly surprised with the results.  I feel really good, have more energy for my workouts (even putting in 2 a days), and am feeling full.  I had to force myself to take a rest day today.  By refining my eating habits even more, I managed to push through some meat cravings and come out on the other side (for now). 

There have been a couple of days where I've added a bit more fat or a bit more protein than recommended because I am still pretty new to these protein/fat/carb ratios.  I am feeling things out and figuring out the amounts- like about how much fat is 10% and that a little bit goes a long way.  I didn't realize just how much fat I had been eating!  Wowzers.  Holy avocado, nuts, and seeds bitches!

In terms of digestion, I'm feeling much, much better.  I am getting more than enough to eat.  Experts on this way of eating encourage you to count calories- only to make sure you are eating enough- and bunk the idea of overeating.  This idea really hit me.  As someone who has been known to overeat on occasion (daily), I really respond well to this idea of inclusion as opposed to exclusion.  A lot of my overeating behaviors revolve around rebellion.  It sucks to try to limit calories and count this and that. I just get a case of the fuck its and eat a whole pint of coconut milk ice cream.  It isn't that I need to eat an entire pint to feel full or satisfied or like I had a treat, but I like to give diets a big eF you to keep the balance of power in check. 

I'm pretty happy with my weight right now, but I wouldn't cry if I dropped 5 pounds either.  Before trying 80-10-10, I have been able to maintain my weight and muscle mass, but I haven't been dropping pounds or body fat.  Over the past 7 days, I've lost 2 pounds pretty effortlessly and even lost a little body fat.  By effortlessly, I mean eating upwards of 7 bananas (I love bananas!) in a day and my calories are up around 2,300. Before, trying to lose weight (even on high raw vegan)  meant a lot of restriction (1500 calories a day and lots of work outs).  It is such a difference going to the cronometer and seeing that I still have 1,000 calories alloted for the day! 

I'm still a little concerned about variety and maintaining my energy levels/muscle mass long term, but so far 80-10-10 is working out pretty well.   On to week 2!!!! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2 of 80-10-10

Well, I have to say, so far so good.  I thought for sure with all of the fruit sugar I was eating that my blood sugar would be up and down in crazy shifts and that I would be acting like a psycho in accordance.  Not so much. 

The only issue I noticed yesterday is that I am not hitting close to the recommended 3,000 calories. I am stuffed.  Totally stuffed.  I used a tool called the Cron O Meter that calculates all of your nutrients and I was shocked at how many 100% RDA's I am hitting by eating this way.  I am taking a multi-vitamin too, but even without it, I got a crazy amount of nutrients.  

Protein was the biggest shocker.  Yesterday I overdid the recommended protein amount by A LOT because I grossly underestimated the protein in fruits and veggies.  I made myself a protein smoothie (only 30 g of protein) thinking that it would put me right were I needed to be (30 g), but I almost doubled that amount in fruits and veggies alone. 

Here is my favorite recipe so far.  I just finished eating it and it is so simple and delicious.

2 c. spinach
1 cantaloupe cut into pieces (the whole thing)
some himalayan (or sea) salt to taste
(salt is probably a no-no, but honey badger doesn't give a shit)

Breakfast- Four bananas cut up and sprinkled with cinnamon
Lunch- 10 Medjool dates, 7 deglate dates 1 banana (trying to get the calories up in this meal)
Afternoon Dinner- Listed above
3-4 liters of water throughout the day
So far I am at about 1,600 calories for the day.  I'm hoping I will be able to eat at least another 1,000. 

Weird things that the raw hippies said would happen that happened so far

1.  That you would go to bed bloated as hell and wake up unbelievable light.
True.  It happened.  I went to bed thinking, "those fuckers can kiss my ass, I look like I'm three months pregnant."  Woke up eating my curse words.

2.  I read about this after it happened:  They said you don't have to worry about overeating because the fruit will start to taste sour or weird when you've had enough.  It totally happened.  I was 1/2 way finished with my fourth banana this morning and I thought, "hmmm...this is starting to taste weird.  I guess it wasn't ripe enough or something."  Same happened with the dates and the cantaloupe.  When I was done, I was done and I knew it. 

Our bodies are pretty freaking cool, aren't they????

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The next level

Alright, get ready.  If you thought I was nuts before, you are going to think I'm off my fucking rocker now.

Backtracking- as most of you have probably noticed from my previous blogging, I do the vegan/high raw thing for a few months, hit a wall, go back to eating meat, berate myself, and then go back to vegan/high raw. 

When I hit my "meat wall" (going to have a field day with that new phrase) I talked it out with my therapist/husband, Nate and managed to push through feeling a new dedication and commitment to keeping on my high raw/vegan path.  A couple of things I observed in my couch therapy sessions was that I was eating too much fat which is a digestive nightmare for me, eating too much vegan junk food (chips and salsa, coconut milk icecream, etc. not enough greens and fruits), and I missed actually eating considering I blend most of my meals.  Plus I had to look at what I really, really want.  I really want to be a vegan.  Meat tastes delicious, but my heart is in veganism.

In pushing through my wall, I decided to push back.  Instead of backlashing, I am going to forward thrash.  I have been reading about the 80-10-10 eating plan for years now and have always looked at it as freaking crazy, but apparently it is ideal for athletes and ramps up performance like a mother efer.  Well, since I love crazy, and I love a good old fashioned science experiment on myself, I'm going for it.  I am going to do it for the next 30 days.  80-10-10 means you eat 80% carbs (mainly from fruit), 10% protein (greens/brown rice protein powder), and 10% fat (avocados, nuts and seeds). 

People report mental clarity, feelings of extreme energy and euphoria (the skeptic in me says sugar high), weight balance (gaining if you need to gain, losing if you need to lose), and improvement in athletics.  Best case scenario, I'm running marathons; Worst case scenario, after 30 days I look like a sugar high super model. 

Here is what I'm supposed to be eating:  3,000 calories total  (30 g protein, 30 g fat (or less)).  How the hell am I going to do this???  One word bitches:  Bananas.  Shittons of bananas. Probably 10 a day to get sufficient calories.  And I quite possibly may be bananas, but I'm willing to try anything once.  

Here's what I ate so far today:

2 bananas - preworkout
Protein smoothie (my entire 30 grams in one shot- normally I consume 3x this much protein)

I'm looking to hit some green smoothies later, and snack on some bananas.  I might make a smoothie with frozen bananas, frozen cherries, and frozen peaches, but who knows.  So far, I'm full, put in a good work out and am feeling pretty good mentally.  I am back in school, so I may not report how I'm feeling/what I'm eating every day, but I will do my best to keep you updated.

Love and insanity in September!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Natural Deodorant

Since school doesn't start again until Monday, I have a little extra time for science experiments in my kitchen.  I stumbled across this blog link a long time ago and it has always been my intention to try this recipe for natural deodorant:


It was really simple and is currently setting in my fridge, but I am not hopeful.  All of my natural deodorant exploration has led me back to Secret time and time again.  My body odor is always more powerful than what the hippies have to offer.   Plus, I'm a mom.  I'm a mom who exercises and  I don't always have time to take showers.  Usually a natural deodorant doesn't make it past my a.m. Crossfit class, let alone the rest of my day.  I will keep you guys posted on how it goes.  My apologies in advance to those I may stink around for the next few days.   

Friday, August 19, 2011

What do you think?

I meditated for an entire 7 minutes today and had this little philosophical gem pop up:  I have gifts to share with others, may God/the Universe allow me to share these gifts.

Then as I was doing a little reading, and an author had a thought about distracting ourselves with media, television, and computers and taking on the thoughts/expectations/opinions of others instead of quietly, through meditation, forming our own.  When we are constantly bombarded with media, do we every truly have an original idea, any idea of what we want, and original ideas on how to make it happen????  I'm not sure.  So today, I am challenging myself with this question:

How can I share my gifts while making myself happy?

Sometimes identifying our gifts is hard enough, let alone figuring out a way to share them and share them in a way that makes us happy! Hopefully reflecting on the above questions will help get my wheels turning on this one.  Just some thoughts for you guys to enjoy on this lovely Friday afternoon. 

Here's what I'm eating:
32 oz green smoothie (1/4 before crossfit, 3/4 after)
(2 c. dandelion greens, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 grapefruit, 3 bananas, 1 orange, 1/2 tsp stevia)
1 mango

 The funny thing about green smoothies is that they really curb my appetite.  It's 1:45 p.m. right now and I have no interest in food (SO UNLIKE ME!).  Whenever my appetite comes back I will probably hit up one of my famous Sunwarrior Protein smoothies and then some of the chocolate I've been looking forward to having but haven't had the appetite for yet.  There is a theory in raw foods that when your body gets a lot of nutrients, you appetite is curbed because you aren't nutrient deprived.  I feel that when I eat green smoothies.  Surprisingly satiated and nourished.  Apparently green smoothies make my nerdy philosophical side come out too. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Each day is a chance for greatness

Today my raw tip has to to with an all or nothing attitude.  I am notorious for this type of distorted thinking when it comes to what I eat.  I'm either vegan or I'm not.  I'm raw or I'm not.  I'm eating a green smoothie, or I'm eating a plateful of wings smothered in blue cheese. 

I'm slowly but surely moving away from this way of being.  I am starting to look at every day and every meal as a chance for greatness-  to eat healthy, not overeat, and to keep it as raw and vegan as possible.  Some days are a success and some days are total failures, but when I take it day by day, meal by meal, I have a lot more will power than when I think, "I'm going to be raw, vegan and eat sprouts forever and ever AMEN."  That's pretty freaking overwhelming.  Don't do that to yourself.  I'm trying not to do it either ;0)

I am having a lot of success right now.  I'm keeping things vegan and pretty high raw.  Each day I look at my calendar and say, I've gone 47 days of being vegan!!!!  That is really helpful.  It keeps it positive.  Just shifting things in that way makes burgers and wings WAY less tempting and off my plate.  In retrospect, I did the same thing when I quit smoking.  It got to a point where I thought, man, I've gone 6 months without a ciggy, I sure as hell don't want to blow that- and before I knew it, I was a nonsmoker! 

So here is my meal by meal today
8oz coconut water, 8 oz water
2 scoops chocolate Sunwarrior protein
1 tsp maca powder
1tbsp raw cacao
1 tsp greens powder
1 tbsp Sunwarrior Activated Barley
squirt of stevia

2 c. cherries
1 young coconut, meat and water
2 scoops Sunwarrior Chocolate protein
1 c. spinach
1/2 tsp maca powder
1 tbsp raw cacao
squirt of stevia

 Last night I ate my dinner as planned and also ate celery with almond butter and honey, a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter, and a lara bar.  The past couple of nights I have been doing some serious eating in the evening which as I've told you before, gives me some digestive problems.  I have been training really hard at the gym and my appetite is certainly showing it.  I'm going to try to eat a hearty  smoothie today at 5 and hopefully that will keep the later evening snack attacks at bay so I can get a good night sleep. 

Here is the smoothie plan
8 oz coconut water
2 frozen bananas
2 tbsp hemp seeds
1 scoop vanilla Sunwarrior protein

I also might have a cup of decaf coffee tonight.  I thought I was over coffee, but my hubby bought the most delicious mocha almond decaf ever and I do love cuddling my hubsters over a nice, warm cup. 

Here's a secret:  I haven't been drinking either shhhhhhh!!!!!  Don't want to lose my street cred in the party circuit, but I have been feeling SOOO much better. I'm not a daily drinker, usually a couple of cocktails on the weekends (or 10 if Nate has a show), but man, I can't believe the difference in my energy levels- especially during my weekend workouts.  I'm proud of myself!  Kickin' ass and takin' names baby!

Happy Wednesday my loves!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leading by example, not force

Another mistake I made in going raw was trying to get my husband and kids to go raw too.  When I first starting dabbling in raw, I was so gung ho that I wanted the whole family to be raw.  I started making lots of raw gourmet foods and trying to serve raw breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Lilah, my youngest daughter, was the only one who was on board.  Lilah has a very open pallet and much like myself, is very open to trying new foods.  My husband and other daughter were much more resistant.  I would get angry and frustrated with them.  Changing my own lifestyle was hard enough, but trying to get a bunch of whinny assholes on board was extra challenging.  I felt like their health was my responsibility as the wife and mom.  Then I came to the realization:  It's not.

Before you go getting all pissed off at me, hear me out:  There is a saying I tell my kids all the time, "You do you."  Which essentially  means, worry about yourself, don't worry about what other people are doing.  In order for me to be the healthiest me I can be, I want to be a raw vegan and have been working towards that goal. It is a big enough challenge and  in order for me to make it happen for myself, I can't worry about getting the rest of my family on board. My husband is a grown ass man and can make his own food and health decisions.  If he is ever ready to adopt this lifestyle, I will be completely supportive and give him every tool and resource I have available to me, but he has to come to it on their own.  Until then, I have to raise our children in a dual household and lead by example. 

My husband and daughters eat a fairly healthy version of the Standard American Diet and I try to incorporate as much raw into it as humanly possible.   My daughters eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies, but they also eat meat, dairy, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  One thing I started doing was giving them a plate of fresh fruit every morning and before they eat anything else, the fruit has to be gone.  Usually they will then eat a Luna Bar or some type of cereal bar after they finish their fruit.  At lunch, I started having them eat salad first and some carrots or cucumbers on the side before they eat anything else.  These two meals are under my control so it makes me happy to know that they are getting plenty of fruits and veggies during these two meals.  My husband usually does dinner, which is usually a grilled meat and salad. 

So my children know that "mommy can't eat that," or "that's not raw" and they understand what is healthy and what isn't.  They are constantly asking me, "Is that a healthy food?" and I give them honest answers.  When they are bitching about their stomachs hurting after they just ate crap food, I just tell them that junk food makes you feel like junk.  Health food makes you feel healthy and strong.

Here's what I ate today so far:
Breakfast- pre-crossfit workout
1 banana
1 cup of other fruits (nectarine, raspberries, a couple of strawberries, some melon)

20 oz water
Smoothie consisting of:
1 young coconut, meat and water
1 sprig of mint leaves
2 scoops of Sunwarrior chocolate
a few drops of liquid stevia
1 tbsp Sunwarrior Activated Barley
1 tbsp Raw cacao
1 tsp Maca powder
 some cacao nibs

10 baby carrots and a slice of cantaloupe

Dinner will be a smoothie tonight:
8oz coconut water
2 tbsp hemp seeds
1 frozen banana
1 scoop Sunwarrior Vanilla
1 handful of spinach

I'm doing a fat loss competition at my gym, so yesterday was a fun food day for me, today it's back to business. 

Oh yeah, TRUE CONFESSIONS TIME- last night, I also ate an entire pint of coconut milk ice cream, finished the chips and salsa, finished the almonds, and had a cup of decaf coffee with my hubs at night.  I don't normally drink coffee, but when the cool nights start coming, sometimes its a nice treat. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

What do you eat???

Today's blog question of the day is:  WHAT DO YOU EAT????  So in addition to exploring my raw transition experiences, I'm going to share what I eat.  I'm going to try to do this daily for a week.  Lunch is where I eat the most.  My breakfasts and dinners are usually pretty light. 

Breakfast- 7:00 a.m. pre-Crossfit Workout
8oz coconut water, 8oz water
2 scoops Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder
1 tspn Maca
1 tspn Greens powder- I use Vitamineral Green

32 oz water throughout the morning

Lunch 11:00 a.m.- post workout
tortilla chips (probably 3 servings), carrots, and cucumber dipped in white bean dip and salsa
2 coconut lime brazil nut cookies
1/4 cup marcona almonds
1 32 oz smoothie consisting of:
8oz coconut water, 8oz almond milk
2.5 frozen bananas
4 fresh mint leaves
2 scoops Chocolate Sunwarrior
1 tbspn raw cacao

Dinner/snack 4:15
2 bananas and a nectarine.  I might eat something else later, but I'm not sure, probably fruit or chips and salsa again. 

Usually I don't eat after 5 or 6 because I don't sleep well on a full stomach and get heartburn.  Right now, since I am weaning myself off of meat, I include a lot of non-raw, vegan and gluten free foods in my diet.  I would say right now, I am 60% raw, 40% cooked.  Once I get more stable on a vegan diet, then I will up my raw ratios again. 

This has to do with my tip of the day: Take it slowly!  In my experience so far, I have found that I need to move into things gradually.  The first things I gave up were wheat, dairy, and sugar (because I had to!).  It has taken a lot of work to get off of meat and dairy and I am still a work in progress on that one.  I have been eating vegan for 45 days.  I want to make this a permanent lifestyle change, but given my starts and stops in the past, I know when I'm giving up meat, I need lots of foods that are "cheat" foods or else I am falling face first into a burger before I even know what happened.  My new cheat foods are so different, and so much healthier than my old cheat foods!  Jane 5 years ago would laugh at the fact that a treat food is coconut milk ice cream, chips and salsa, or roasted nuts instead of raw.  That Jane's everyday foods were beer, nachos with lots of cheese and sour cream, pizza, and a big bowl of regular old ice cream.  No wonder today's Jane feels 100% healthier, fitter, and looks WAY better than Jane 5 years ago!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Biggest Mistakes in Going Raw

I have had a lot of inquiries lately about my journey into raw and how to get started.  This has inspired me to tell my story and to share in a series of blogs the good, the bad, and the ugly on my ever continuing raw food journey.

The first time I heard about raw veganism was 3 years ago.  I have been an on again off again vegetarian or vegan since my early 20's.  When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I started eating meat again, then went back to veg, back to meat during another pregnancy, and then wanted to go vegan after my second little bundle of girlie awesome was born.  I stumbled on the raw lifestyle when I was researching the healthiest approaches to veganism.  The first book I bought was Victoria Boutenko's 12 Steps to Raw Foods.  It resonated with me in a way that nothing ever had and I read about diet and I knew I had to adopt this lifestyle.  I just didn't know at the time how hard it would be and that it could possibly be a life long undertaking.

Mistake 1 for me:  Going all out. (I'm saying "for me" because what is a mistake for me, may not necessarily be a mistake for you.)
I went for it.  I was now a raw foodist and I gave "raw" a go.  Needless to say, it lasted a hot minute because I had no clue what I was doing.  Then I gave up and went back to my old lifestyle, and the book sat on my shelf and collected dust for a couple of months.  I did take a few raw ideas and began to incorporate them into my daily food regiment:  green smoothies and nut/seed based cookies and desserts. 

I understood the basis for the raw food lifestyle and it made perfect sense to me- not only morally, but scientifically, it was constantly on my mind.  I knew that it was the right way to eat (for me) but it was very difficult to make these huge dietary changes all at once.  I did the only thing a school nerd like me could do:  I ordered more books.  I started to learn more and incorporate more raw foods.  Every raw foodist has their own philosophy and Sarma Melngailis and Ani Phyo promoted moderation and I could really relate to them and their stories.  They made raw food glamorous, fun, and reinforced its lifestyle to me.  I continued for the next year going raw for a few months, back lashing to meat and dairy, and then back to raw.  Each time I went raw it was ALL OUT, 100% raw and I found myself frustrated and feeling like a failure if I did not eat raw.

So here are some things that I've learned in all of my starts, stops, and back lashes: 
1.  Make gradual changes.  This lifestyle is a learning process.  It isn't a diet.  It involves a complete change in the way you have been eating, even if you are already a vegetarian or vegan.  There are superfoods you may have never heard before in your life (maca, goji berries, raw cacao, spirulina, etc.) and you have to do a lot of research and reading about what and how to eat.  Each start has lasted longer and each stop has been shorter.  I'm getting to the point now where I am spending the majority of my year raw with benders that are coming fewer and further between.
2.  Each start and stop had a purpose for me and was part of the learning curve.  Each time I went raw for a month or two at a time, I learned new recipes, new raw foods, and easy ways to make a raw lifestyle more attainable for me.  The more you learn and more options you have for foods, the easier it is to stick with it.
3. Get a support system in place.  I had to get my health minded friends on board to encourage me.  Thankfully I have my three best health girls- Lisa, Tara, and Mary.  They love to experiment with raw food, are super healthy, and are supportive through my highs and lows.  I needed to find new restaurants and ways to get raw food on the run.  Thankfully I found Oasis Living Cuisine in Frasier and discovered that Kimberton Whole Foods had a raw section (who knew?)!  I was able to ask the owner of Oasis and the employees at Kimberton lots of questions.  I also have a very supportive husband and family.  At this point they are used to my health antics and just nod and smile if they think I'm crazy. 
4. Give yourself cheats.  My cheats used to be a steak dinner with my girlfriends.  Now my cheats are coconut milk ice cream, tortilla chips, and roasted nuts.  Even my cheats are evolving!
5. Know that this is not just a physical journey, it is very, very emotional as well.  Being the psych major that I am, I tend to focus on the emotional turmoil that accompanies various challenges.  Raw food pushes you to very, very uncomfortable places both physically and psychologically.  These issues could be a blog series that could last a decade.  Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and know that 30 years of habits may take 30 years to change.  Be patient and loving towards yourself during the process. 

I'm going to keep plugging away with this blog series while I have the next two weeks off from school.  Hope this is helpful to you guys!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Thrill of Competition

So as many of you have noticed, I have been shamelessly begging for my facebook friends to vote for me in a Smoothie Contest for Sunwarrior.  The prize is a good one.  It is a year's supply of Sunwarrior products for first place.  You bet your sweet ass I want that prize. So please vote.  I am competing against vegan chefs with lots of followers and people with really popular blogs, so  your votes are crucial so that I can come close to competing. 

To vote for me, please "like" the Sunwarrior page, go into the Smoothie Contest photo album, and "like" my pictures.  One is of me and my daughters in bathing suits.  It's pretty hard to miss (and is apparently very controversial for the conservative family members of other smoothie contest participants LOL).  The other one is three pictures above it and is of a green coffee cup.

Okay, onto the blog.

I have many, many complicated smoothie recipes, but my goal in this contest was to help people make simple, nutritious smoothies that did not involve ingredients that you have to search for like the Arc of the Covenant to freaking find.  As I learned more and more about raw foods, I started incorporating these bizarre ingredients into my diet and into my pantry.  But for people just starting out, it is best to just keep it simple.  Sunwarrior is a yummy, fabulous product to use.  I order it online at www.sunwarrior.com.  You don't have to be raw to use it either.  Replace one meal with 2 scoops of Sunwarrior and 8oz of coconut water and 4oz regular water and you have a delicious chocolate milk that is simple and healthy.  Substitute that into your life instead of drinking your morning coffee and believe me, you will feel a difference. 

Here is my favorite:
8oz water and a frozen banana or 1 young coconut (water and meat)
1 cup frozen cherries
2 scoops of chocolate Sunwarrior
1 tbspn of raw cacao or cocoa powder
(optional- add 1tspn Maca and 1 tspn greens powder)
Blend, pour, enjoy

So delicious and the chocolate can give you the boost you would normally get from coffee.  Making changes can be simple and can happen one meal at a time.  Thanks for voting for me, supporting me on my health/nutrition journey, and for being my friends!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm a sensitive lady

Last night I was at my friend's birthday BBQ.  This is an event I really look forward to and so does the rest of my family.  My lovely friend Julia was very concerned about what I could eat and she and her sister so very sweetly came up with the most delicious watermelon salad.  Watermelon, lime juice, arugala, red onion, mint, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper.  I killed the entire bowl it was so delicious.  That is when I should have known.  If it was too delicious to be true, I probably can't eat it. 

No sooner had I put my bowl in the sink than my migraine aura started.  I was very, very confused.  I DIDN'T EAT ANYTHING WRONG!!!!  So on the long ride home from NJ I thought about it in between waves of nausea and pain.  Was it the strong onion?  Was it something I ate earlier during the day?  Nope.  I was so confused.  But then it hit me:  I never use balsamic vinegar. 

When I woke up at 4 a.m. migraine free, you bet your sweet ass I hit up the internet to find out about balsamic vinegar.  Apparently, the commercial balsamic vinegar sold in supermarkets is typically made with concentrated grape juice mixed with a strong vinegar, which is laced with caramel and sugar.  Who knew? 

My body is so sensitive to sugar.  It sucks finding out the hard way, but it is really cool to see how smart my body is when it comes to giving me signals that something is toxic.  Nerd Alert:  Our bodies are so cool!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

See what grows

Planting seeds happen in so many ways.  I'm not just talking about planting shit.  I'm also talking about the power of our minds.  Some people call it manifestation, some call it fate.  Whatever you call it, I manifested some amazingly delicious pumpkin banana pudding today.

Today when I was babysitting at the gym, I was feeding a super fabulous toddler some pumpkin banana baby food.  Nasty in theory, delicious in reality.  As I was feeding her, I kept smelling it and talking about how delicious it looked with one my fellow kid watching cohort.  She and I talked about our love of pumpkin pie and I told her a story of my super fail last Thanksgiving when I tried to make a raw pumpkin pie.

On what seems like an unrelated note, when you have a compost pile, sometimes random stuff grows.  I have had a mystery veggie growing in the compost all summer and have been waiting to find out exactly what it is.  When I got home from the gym, fixed the girls lunch, and had a full compost container, I took the scraps out to the compost pile and GUESS WHAT????

My mystery veggie was sugar pumpkin and there was a perfectly ripe one waiting for me!!!  HELL TO THE YES!!!!  So I took it inside and decided I was going to rewrite the suckfest recipe from last year.  I don't have the exact ratios because I am kind of like a mad scientist in the kitchen, but the result was RAWSOME.

the meat from 1 magically compost grown sugar pumpkin
2 perfectly ripe bananas
1 healthy squeeze of agave nectar
1/2ish c. almond butter (that's what was missing at Thanksgiving)
a Lilah shake of cinnamon and a mama shake of allspice (Lilah shakes are generous and allspice is strong)

The kids loved it, I loved it, and I think it was the universe's way of treating me when I needed a boost and  a reminder of the beauty and simplicity of nature.  Sometimes it is as easy as putting unconscious energy out there is to get what you truly need from life.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Great ideas for Great skin

One of my favorite things I get asked about/complimented on is my skin.  My skin "secrets" are so simple and cheap.   You do not have to buy La Mer like J-lo to get healthy, amazing skin.  So run to your local grocery store and/or Target and be ready to amaze your mirror, your friends, and the bar tender who will once again, check your i.d.

This is redundant as I have blogged about this before, but DO IT.  Use oil.  I know, it sounds greasy and yucky, but it works.  I used to be the biggest fan of coconut oil, but I have changed my tune and have moved on to almond oil.  It has a neutral odor and absorbs more quickly into my skin.  I use it on my face and my body.  My husband uses it too.  You can also use it in the bedroom if you catch my drift.  Better than hitting your lady/man parts with lubricant that is full of chemicals and yuck (I know I've told you guys that one before too, but just reiterating what I feel is of the utmost life importance). 

Dry brushing.  Get a body brush made of natural materials (I got mine at Target) and dry brush your skin once a day.  I do it before I get in the shower.  Dry brushing is a great way to rid yourself of dead skin cells, make your skin smooth, and to scratch any bizarre itches you may have. 

Drink water.  Lots and lots of water- 1/2 your body weight in ounces every single day.  Example:  I weight 130 pounds.  I drink at least 65 ounces of water a day.  Because I am active, it is usually WAY more than that.  And if you are boozing it up or drinking coffee, make sure for every ounce of fun you have an ounce of water to counteract the thrills of dehydration. 

Diet.   Please do not be a fat phob.  Eating healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, coconuts, healthy oils (coconut, flax seed, olive, etc.) and cutting out shit works wonders for the skin.  Eating sugar is almost as damaging to the skin as that lady in the movie There's Something About Mary with the leather skin who laid out with the tin foil.  Moderation my loves, when it comes to the unhealthy crap (booze, sugar, white flour, etc.)  Fruits and veggies.  Can't toot their horns enough.  Full of antioxidants and fiber.  How does fiber help skin, you ask???  Fiber moves shit out of your body.  Shit has toxins.  Toxins make your skin look like shit.  Getting rid of shit = healthy, toxin free skin. 

Exercise- Another way to move toxins from the body is to move your ass.

Cosmetics- As a former make up artist, I think the worst thing someone with aging skin can do is cake on the make up.  In my humble opinion, after age 30, powder is a no-no.  It settles into wrinkles and creases and makes women look old.  There.  I said it.  So invest in a nice moisture plus tint or liquid foundation and go easy on it.  And yes, I use almond oil on my face and THEN use the moisture plus tint on top of it.  To me, there is no such thing as too dewy.  I would rather look dewy than like a dried up old leather baseball glove. 

Hope that helps and please feel free to comment  with any questions or beauty secrets of your own!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Helping me so I can help you

Wow.  I wasn't kidding when I said I wouldn't be blogging that much during my internship, was I???
I have been busier than I have even imagined.  Between the weekday grind, the weekends packed full of activities and picnics, and keeping up with school work and my fitness regime, it has been insane to say the least.  The blog has been totally sacrificed to the busy as shit gods. 

One of the most horrific things happened to my group of friends.  Two of our friends passed away in a car accident.  Mourning myself and attempting to take care of those closest to them has not been an easy feat.  Sometimes, throughout the tragedy, I have felt more helpless in helping people than I ever have in my life.  Trying to know what to do or the right things to say has felt awkward and nearly impossible at times.  One of the therapists from my internship said, "Well, you know the stages of grief, right?  Just use them!"  Easier said than done when it comes to the people who I love like they are family. 

For the first few days after the deaths, I had no appetite, had diarrhea that went on for days (just keepin' it real here people), and just generally felt down and out. Then came the anger which I am still experiencing. Little things are just grating on me.  Things that don't normally phase me- the kids not going to bed on time, my husband hitting the snooze button FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING TIMES, patients who are just plain annoying me.   I also noticed myself trying to fill voids.  For me, the first thing I turn to is food.   I noticed that my appetite is still not there, but I am hitting the cartons of coconut milk ice cream like they are going out of style- a pint a day people- I kid you not.  And crunchy things have been constantly on the menu- peanuts, raw cereal with buckwheat groats (they give a major crunch for those of you who haven't tried them).  Thankfully, my fitness regime didn't go to the wayside during this, but my eating like shit certainly hasn't made me feel good or helped me in my work outs.  So what the hell???  If I know this about myself, why do I continue to engage in these patterns that aren't helpful- they are actually hindering me by making me feel like a person on an Activia comercial? 

The bottom line is comfort.  We revert back to comfortable patterns of behavior during times of struggle and when we just don't know what else to do.  Thankfully I have taken inventory of this before I hit that unopened bottle of vodka in my freezer.  So what am I going to do now???  Well, life is hard right now.  Really freaking hard.  So I, in true Jane fashion, am pulling out the "suck it up bitch" mentality and am knocking it off.  I need to be strong for the people around me.  So here's the plan.  Because as you know, I always have a plan. 

Hit the gym.  Run (I have a new goal that I need to work on- a 7 min mile for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving).  Eat right for the love of God! 

By starting out small and taking care of my very basic needs, I can hopefully get out some of my pent up aggression and get my digestive system back to happy land.  If I am taking care of myself, I'm a better wife, mother, and friend to those who need me the most. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vibram 5 Fingers get Five Stars

Over the winter, I purchased my very first pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes. 


You may have seen other people running, working out, or grocery shopping in these babies.  Before I purchased them, I did a lot of research and reading (I'm sure you would expect nothing left from Nerdie McNerderson).  I decided on the Bikila model. 

I read a lot of information about taking it slow when starting out wearing them, but I'm not one to start anything slowly.  I put them on the second the box arrived at my doorstep, wore them to Crossfit classes, ran in them, grocery shopped in them, and wore them to school.  It has been love at first step.  I miss them when I do not have them on my feet and have seriously debated wearing them out to the bar.

The truest test for me was wearing them for the Broad Street Run- a ten miler in Philadelphia.  They were like butter.  I had a couple of blisters, but no pain- none at all.  This was miraculous considering last summer I had given up on running altogether because of the excruciating hip pain I was experiencing during my runs.  The pain was the reason I started researching Vibrams in the first place.  The shoes force you to run with correct form.  Since I run for sport and have never had a trainer teach me correct form, my form was off and causing pain.   My Vibrams helped me to achieve correct form.  The second test was running them through the washing machine- they passed with flying colors.  No shrinkage (get your mind out of the gutter) or color fade.  Not only are they great for running, but I love them for lifting weights.  I feel so grounded in them and I love that I can spread my toes to get extra stability when I am really lifting heavy.  The price point for me was great- the Bikila's cost 100/pair- which for me is significantly less than what I usually spend on running shoes. 

The downside I have found with the shoes is unwanted attention.  If you don't want people to ask you about your shoes constantly, I would recommend purchasing a neutral color or black.  I went hot pink which seems like the signal for everyone and their mother to ask about them.  I'm a social animal, so it doesn't bother me, but if you are not so into random discussions with strangers, you may not like this attention grabbing shoe. 

Vibrams may not be for everyone, but they sure are for me and have been the best running/work out shoe purchase I have ever made.   I have been an Asics girl for YEARS and my poor, jealous million dollar Asics are collecting dust. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Dream Team

I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.  I don't think a thousand blog entries could come close to covering the awesomeness of the Dream Team I have collected over the years.  I have friends who challenge me, who make me laugh, who support me.  They truly love me, and not just the surface me.  They love the psycho, nitty gritty Jane that not everyone sees.  They get me.  And they have the innate ability to call or text exactly as I'm thinking about them.    They are pretty much the Dionne Warwicks of friends.   They know what they need to say to me in times of crisis.  They know that I call sequins "big round glitters."  They understand my psychotic obsession with wellness.  They tell me I am beautiful, smart and call me a MILF on a regular basis.  They tell me to knock it off when I need to be told.  They make fun of me mercilessly and I love it. 

I guess this is kind of a love letter to my friends.  Our meeting and spending this life together was no accident.  I am so blessed to have each and every one of you.  Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh coffee- you currently taste like ass

Sorry I have been so slacktastic over the past couple of weeks with here in the bloggisphere.  As many of you know, I started my internship last week and have spent 20 hours a week out of the home.  Two of those hours probably would have been devoted to blogging.  I am sorry, and I will try to be better, but no promises.

Something really interesting happened to me this weekend:  I tried to drink decaf coffee and failed.  TWICE.

After not drinking coffee for months, I have finally lost my taste for it!  In the past, if I would sneak in a cup every once in awhile, I would be craving it for days afterward.  I do have to be honest, my coffee was always 1/2 c. cream, 1/2 c. coffee.  My favorite was that freaking French Vanilla Coffeemate which I am thoroughly convinced is laced with crack.  I could drink a bottle of it chased with another bottle of it and a tablespoon of coffee. 

I love being so "over" coffee.  It's like finally being over an ex who had a bad attitude, horrendous breath, and gave you anxiety.  It is one less substance on my "dirty list" that needed to go.  But the best part of this process is, it went freely.  I didn't have to kick and scream and throw a temper tantrum to get it out of my life.  (meat, not so much- still tantruming on that one)

I wonder what the next stop is going to be on the detox train. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paleo Friendly Spaghetti and Meatballs

Last night I whipped up this quick dinner when I finished my first wonderful day of internships:

1 package lean ground turkey
1 tbspn dried basil
1 tspn Himalayan Garlic Salt or sea salt

Preheat your oven to 350
Put the ground turkey and spices in a bowl and squish it around with your hands, form into meatballs.  Place on a broiler pan and put in the oven

1 Spaghetti Squash
pinch of Himalayan salt or sea salt
1 tbspn olive oil

Cut the squash in half and scrape out the seeds.  Place the squash face down on in an baking pan or casarole dish with a little bit of olive oil
Bake the meatballs and squash for about 30 minutes:  take out the meatballs, poke the squash with a fork to see if it is soft.  If it is still soft, leave it in the oven and check it every 10 minutes until the fork pokes through the skin.  When it's done, take the squash out of the oven and scrape the meat of the squash out with a spoon.  I hold the squash with a pot holder when it is hot.  Place some of the squash with a little oil and salt on a plate, top with turkey meatballs- enjoy ;0)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Practicing what you Preach

So as much as I love the raw diet, the raw diet does not love me back.  Sad but true.  But like I said in my challenge a couple of weeks ago, you have to listen to your body and do what works for you.

After the holiday, I started doing raw and have been at it for the past 6 months with periodic meat benders.  As psychotic PMS style symptoms, grain cravings that have caused me to eat cheese pizza, and PMS like mood swings started coming back into the picture, I had to reevaluate what was working for me and what was clearly not.

When I met with my nutritionist hero over a year ago, he told me that grains did not work for me.  I shouldn't even eat the healthiest grains, like quinoa and brown rice.  He also told me to keep my fruit intake to a minimum and NO sugar- not even agave or honey.  This is due to blood sugar issues that I have.  So what have I been doing?  Not listening, of course!  I have been eating a ton of fruit, lots of brown rice protein powder, buckwheat groats, agave, and honey.  At first, I was okay, but then months and months of eating like this has sent my body back into horror furry.

So I decided to start eating my nutrition plan diet again.  Meat, eggs, vegetables, some fruit (only low glycemic- berries, grapefruit, green apples), butter and olive oil, Greek yogurt, coconut milk and water, nuts and seeds.  All of these products organic.  My goal is to keep my raw balance at 60% raw- 40% cooked.  So far, the change is working wonders on how I am feeling.  I can't believe the shift in my cravings.  A couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get enough fruit, raw chocolate, protein powder and wasn't really feeling veggies.  Today, I shit you not, I ate two mixing bowls FULL of salad (and I will probably be shitting myself later).   I didn't even put olive oil on the second salad!  When I did get a mild sweet craving, I mixed a little bit of coconut water and plain, unsweetened coconut milk.  It tasted like HEAVEN!  So here is what my day looked like:

1/2 c. blueberries
1 c. greek yogurt
8oz kefir water to drink

1 chicken breast
3-4 c. salad with 3 tbspn olive oil
1 whole avocado
1 c. radish sprouts

8oz coconut milk
1 oz coconut water

5 c. salad with no dressing
1/4 c. blue cheese
1/4 c. walnuts

It was odd not to snack all day.  I have been grazing and grazing on the raw diet.  It seems like I am seeking food all day long.  Since I started back on the old regime I had no desire to snack.  I felt full.  Some people thrive so beautifully on the raw diet.  I am so jealous of them!!!  I wish I could make it work.  But from now on I am going to practice what I preach when it comes to listening to my body and doing what works for me.

p.s. I dropped a little more body fat!!!   Thank you Crossfit!!!!  I am very interested to see what happens to my body composition after making these changes.  As of today, I am 19.5% body fat, getting closer and closer to my goal of 18% ;0)  YAY!!!  Hopefully this dietary change won't impede my progression.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


This morning I was sipping my wheat grass juice and I thought about how much my pallet has changed over the past few years.  This question entered my mind:

If you could take a pill to make you your ideal weight, give you an amazing amount of energy, and would keep your illnesses, aches, and pains at a minimum- BUT- it made everything taste like shit.  Would you do it?

I think a lot of us would say yes.  That's our Western mentality working for us.  Just pop a pill, just add water, INSTANT RESULTS.  Sadly, as most of us who have purchased something off an infomercial have found, the world does not work this way.

Changing to the raw food diet is kind of like popping that shit pill.  It changes your pallet completely.  Not that your meals taste like turds or anything, but at first, your brain, your body, and you senses seem very underwhelmed.  When you eat the Standard American Diet (acronym SAD, ironically and truthfully) you are constantly overwhelmed with stimulants, addictive substances, and other shit that makes food addicting and taste FABULOUS!!!!  Frankly, a cheese pizza with pepperoni, cheese, extra cheese, and an extra helping of additives seems WAY more awesome than an apple. 

When you begin to transition to a raw diet, your entire being has to relearn what real food tastes like and how it effects the body.  You have to scrap everything you have been taught about nutrition from your doctors, the media, and the latest fad diets and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  You cannot count protein grams and calories.  The psychological adjustment is also very, very difficult and for me has proven to be the hardest thing to overcome.  It really isn't that complicated.  The key to moving yourself into a happier, healthier you is this:


Eating right has gives and takes.  Let's be honest.  It is so much more fun to eat pizza and beer, but it sucks shit when you can't zip your jeans and have no motivation to have sex because you feel like a fat ass loaf.  If you eat right, yeah, your wheat grass juice is no Coca Cola, but you have energy to spare, your ass looks fantastic in your jeans, and your sexy self is dying to show off that hot bod.  For me, it's worth the sacrifice.  And eventually, guess what???  The feeling you get from eating healthy foods outweighs the pallet pleasing sensation you get from the shit food you are used to eating. 

This feeling of eating healthy is similar to that feeling you get when you exercise.  Sometimes you have to drag yourself to the gym, but you bet your ass, when you are finished, you are proud of yourself and are glad that you did it. 

Last night, Nate hit his first raw food road block.  Lucky for me, I am skilled at ball busting, and was able to assist him through his first "almost" psychotic break.  At roughly 8:30 p.m. on the beautiful couch, in my perfectly pink living room, this dialogue took place:

N: Hey, do we have any peanut butter?  I want to make apples and peanut butter." 

J: No. Peanut Butter is not raw and Molly polished off the Almond Butter yesterday.  There is a raw chocolate bar in the fridge if you want that.  

N: Nah, I'm cool.

J: Can I tell you something funny?

N:  Sure

J:  I read somewhere that if you are TRULY hungry you will eat absolutely anything put in front of you, but things that are craving specific are purely psychological.

N: I am going to remember that and use it against you

J: Perfect.  I'm sure you will have plenty of opportunities.

You cannot eat shit, not exercise, and expect to look like Jennifer Aniston.  It just doesn't work that way.  Sad, but true.  So it's time to make some CHA CHA CHA CHANGES!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kickin' ass, takin' Nate

Nate made it through day 1 completely raw unscathed and ready for day 2.  This week is going to be a "work out the kinks" week for me as far as figuring out his appetite cycles and what foods are working for him. 

There is a sector of Raw Foodists called Fruititarians.  They basically eat fruits and greens and keep their fat calories below 10% of their total caloric volume.  I could never thrive like this.  It totally works for Nate.  He loves fruit and can go all day on fruit despite a heavy activity level.  I noticed this last summer when Nate would only take oranges and grapefruits for his lunches.  At the time, I called him manorexic, but in reality, he works better on lighter foods.  He can go hours without eating and only drinking coffee for breakfast.  This just reinforces my new revelation:  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and DIFFERENT BODIES THRIVE IN DIFFERENT WAYS!!!

Replacing Nate's morning coffee with a green juice was perfect for him.  He ate fruit for lunch, no Larabar as planned because he is tired of them and we were out of his favorite flavors.  He did note that he was STARVING at three o'clock.  So today's lunch included extra fruit.  Dinner tonight is going to be a mango, pineapple, kiwi, green smoothie with an Asian/Avocado salad on the side. 

He said that physically he feels no different.  That's a good thing I guess.  I would rather that than him having major detox symptoms.  I will continue to keep you posted!  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nate and I Together as Raw

Today is day 1. 

I made juices last night and sent my love on his merry way today.  He agreed wholeheartedly to 30 days my way.  No coffee, no pizza, no cheat days.  I truly believe that the best way to feel the benefits of raw and what I call "vibin'" is to commit fully to the process. 

I am also making a few tweaks along this 30 day journey.  No cheats for me either.  And you all know how I love to cheat!  No booze, no coconut milk ice cream, no dining out unless its at Raw Can Roll or Oasis. 

One of the main goals I have for myself and for Nate is to do all fruits and veggies before noon.  We are doing this in the form of Green Juices and Green Smoothies.  I was nervous given the amount that I work out that I would be light headed during my workout just going on vegetable juice, but I was just fine.  In fact, I felt light and strong.  Nate does construction, so I'm hoping he is also feeling light and strong, not faint and pissed.  I did load Nate's juice with fruit.  He needs the calories and tolerates the sugar well.  I do veggie juices because fruit sugar in juice isn't the best for my blood sugar. I work best on green smoothies where the fiber of the fruits and veggies is still intact so fruit sugars release more slowly into the blood stream.  

Here is what Nate's juice looked like:
2 pears, 3 apples, 4 carrots, 1 whole bunch of kale, 8 tablespoons of kefir water mixed in to help him with allergies and skin issues.  

My juice was:
1/2 bulb and leaves of fennel, 1 beet, beet greens, 1 cucumber, 2 carrots, a few tablespoons of kefir water. 

Frankly, lunch has me stuffed!  I made a green smoothie with 3 bananas, 1 cup of pineapple, coconut water, and 2 cups of spinach.  YOW!  I am really struggling to finish.  At this point, I'm not sure if a snack is in my future, but I might also snack on a Larabar.  Nate's lunch is fresh fruit and later he will have a Larabar for a snack.  He is going to have another mason jar of juice for dinner and I am going to do a Sunwarrior smoothie with coconut water. 

Nate isn't a big fan of protein powders.  He doesn't like their grit and never seems to digest them well no matter if they are raw or whey.  This is another example of how important it is to listen to your body- what works for one doesn't always work for another.  I do great on high protein and veggie juices.  Nate exists way better on lots of fruit. 

More updates tomorrow!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry for your luck

Thank God Nate never reads my blog.  That being said, I'm about to go all stealth on his ass.  I have recently been inspired by my friend and her husband doing a 30 day cleanse together.  Nate is about to embark on a  similar cleanse with me...but he has no idea.  I'm laughing my ass off as I am writing this.

The goals of the cleanse are as follows: 
1. To bond
2. So he gets a taste of how amazing it feels when you eat raw (with my lofty hope that he will continue with this because he feels so damn great!)
3. To simplify my life (cooking 2 sets of meals all the time sucks)
4. To help him lose those pounds he complains about on occasion.
5. To have the whole family go 30 days meat free

Here is the plan-
I am going to juice 4 jars of juice every night- 2 for him, 2 for me- and put 2 in the freezer to preserve vital nutrients.  Our lunch juices can thaw out during the day. The other two will have to just oxidize a little in the fridge because I don't want him to have to bust out the juicer before work.  And you all know my ass is not going to get out of bed to do it.  Some of the recipes I plan on using for my hubby's delicate palate include:
pear/apple/any green
orange/any green/carrot

I am going to be using vegetable juices because of my low tolerance for sugar.  We will be drinking 1 jar for breakfast and 1 jar for dinner.

Nate currently eats a raw lunch, so I'm going to keep him on his same lunch of Larabars and fruit.  My lunches are going to be green smoothies.  We will both have a mason jar full of Sunwarrior and coconut water as a snack. 

Sounds pretty good huh?  Now I just have to get Nate to commit!!!!  But I think with the enticing promises of weight loss, prepacked lunches, and a happy wife, I think he will be game.  Wish me luck ;0)  If I get to the store tonight, we will start tomorrow!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

To: My Scale

Dear Scale,

Thank you for all of your hard work, but your services are no longer needed at this time.  I appreciate your consistency and your truthfulness, but I have come to some very important conclusions.  I don't need you anymore.  You create numbers.  Numbers that do not rank value.  Numbers that do not determine beauty.  Numbers that do not determine my worth.  Numbers that no longer serve me.  Our love affair has been tumultuous, some days you were my best friend and other days my worst enemy.  But my new love affair is with myself.  I look in the mirror everyday.  I look strong, I look fit, I look healthy.  My focus is no longer on pleasing you, it is on pleasing me. 

Your new home will be in my closet.  You will be periodically called upon if my clothes no longer fit to assess the damage, but that is it. You will like it there!  I have some beautiful high heels that you can flirt with. 

Thanks again for your loyal self-esteem boosts and beat downs, but I can take it from here.