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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nate is great

I am on my 6th day all vegan and mostly raw.  It always amazes me how good I feel when I am living this way.  Not only physically, but mentally.  I don't operate with hang ups and guilt.  It is really nice to free myself of those demons.

I have to give some serious shout outs and props to my husband.  Nate was my inspiration in becoming a vegetarian many, many years ago and becoming so passionate about nutrition.  He has been helping me out the last couple of weekends with the grocery shopping.  The reasons being two-fold:  1) I ALWAYS go WAY over budget and 2) to take something off my insane to-do list. 

Here is why he is awesome.  When Nate came home from the store on Sunday, I helped him to unpack the groceries.  I noticed that there was only one animal product- butter.  Nate did not pick up any meat, eggs, or other dairy products in a silent, manly show of support for me.  It really meant a lot and I called him out on his super sensitivity right away despite his effort to be stoic about it.  He told me that he understands how important this decision is to me and that having meat in the house is too big of a temptation. 

Nate also had a very insightful point for me.  I was making too much out of food.  Whether it was raw, paleo, or regular old food, I have been over thinking it, trying to make it gourmet, and not focusing on just eating for function.  I have been making food WAY too complicated.  All of those years of watching Food Network has made me feel like I have to be the nutritional Giada at every meal.  He is helping me take the pressure off myself and off the household by just fixing a healthy, uncomplicated vegan dinner that everyone enjoys. 

On Sunday, it was as simple as brown rice, some veggies, a little sesame oil, and some Nama Shoya.  It was uncomplicated, delicious and everyone- even the kids- enjoyed it. 

I am really, really grateful for my supportive, wonderful husband.  He loves my brand of crazy like no other. 

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