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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kickin' ass, takin' Nate

Nate made it through day 1 completely raw unscathed and ready for day 2.  This week is going to be a "work out the kinks" week for me as far as figuring out his appetite cycles and what foods are working for him. 

There is a sector of Raw Foodists called Fruititarians.  They basically eat fruits and greens and keep their fat calories below 10% of their total caloric volume.  I could never thrive like this.  It totally works for Nate.  He loves fruit and can go all day on fruit despite a heavy activity level.  I noticed this last summer when Nate would only take oranges and grapefruits for his lunches.  At the time, I called him manorexic, but in reality, he works better on lighter foods.  He can go hours without eating and only drinking coffee for breakfast.  This just reinforces my new revelation:  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and DIFFERENT BODIES THRIVE IN DIFFERENT WAYS!!!

Replacing Nate's morning coffee with a green juice was perfect for him.  He ate fruit for lunch, no Larabar as planned because he is tired of them and we were out of his favorite flavors.  He did note that he was STARVING at three o'clock.  So today's lunch included extra fruit.  Dinner tonight is going to be a mango, pineapple, kiwi, green smoothie with an Asian/Avocado salad on the side. 

He said that physically he feels no different.  That's a good thing I guess.  I would rather that than him having major detox symptoms.  I will continue to keep you posted!  

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