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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The next level

Alright, get ready.  If you thought I was nuts before, you are going to think I'm off my fucking rocker now.

Backtracking- as most of you have probably noticed from my previous blogging, I do the vegan/high raw thing for a few months, hit a wall, go back to eating meat, berate myself, and then go back to vegan/high raw. 

When I hit my "meat wall" (going to have a field day with that new phrase) I talked it out with my therapist/husband, Nate and managed to push through feeling a new dedication and commitment to keeping on my high raw/vegan path.  A couple of things I observed in my couch therapy sessions was that I was eating too much fat which is a digestive nightmare for me, eating too much vegan junk food (chips and salsa, coconut milk icecream, etc. not enough greens and fruits), and I missed actually eating considering I blend most of my meals.  Plus I had to look at what I really, really want.  I really want to be a vegan.  Meat tastes delicious, but my heart is in veganism.

In pushing through my wall, I decided to push back.  Instead of backlashing, I am going to forward thrash.  I have been reading about the 80-10-10 eating plan for years now and have always looked at it as freaking crazy, but apparently it is ideal for athletes and ramps up performance like a mother efer.  Well, since I love crazy, and I love a good old fashioned science experiment on myself, I'm going for it.  I am going to do it for the next 30 days.  80-10-10 means you eat 80% carbs (mainly from fruit), 10% protein (greens/brown rice protein powder), and 10% fat (avocados, nuts and seeds). 

People report mental clarity, feelings of extreme energy and euphoria (the skeptic in me says sugar high), weight balance (gaining if you need to gain, losing if you need to lose), and improvement in athletics.  Best case scenario, I'm running marathons; Worst case scenario, after 30 days I look like a sugar high super model. 

Here is what I'm supposed to be eating:  3,000 calories total  (30 g protein, 30 g fat (or less)).  How the hell am I going to do this???  One word bitches:  Bananas.  Shittons of bananas. Probably 10 a day to get sufficient calories.  And I quite possibly may be bananas, but I'm willing to try anything once.  

Here's what I ate so far today:

2 bananas - preworkout
Protein smoothie (my entire 30 grams in one shot- normally I consume 3x this much protein)

I'm looking to hit some green smoothies later, and snack on some bananas.  I might make a smoothie with frozen bananas, frozen cherries, and frozen peaches, but who knows.  So far, I'm full, put in a good work out and am feeling pretty good mentally.  I am back in school, so I may not report how I'm feeling/what I'm eating every day, but I will do my best to keep you updated.

Love and insanity in September!!!!! 

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