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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jane on a Diet Day 2

Yesterday I went to a Paleo Nutrition Seminar at my gym- Crossfit Inspire in Frasier, PA www.crossfitinspire.com- and was very motivated to get started on my diet.  My goal weight is 125.  I normally weight around 130-135.  I weighed in at 142 and 20.3% body fat.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.  Taking ownership is key when you are ready to make some changes and I am taking ownership of every morsel of delicious food I have eaten. So here I am, ready to get some pounds off and happy that I caught myself before things got really out of hand.  Although,  I don't think I really minded the extra pounds too much because my boobs got bigger.

My strategy is based off of the Paleo Diet.  There are tons of great websites to google and get more information on it.  The basic tenets are:

EAT:  Fruits, Veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, honey and meat (grass fed and organic is best)
NO:  Dairy, grains, refined sugars, agave nectar, etc. 

For my plan, I am going meats and veggies for the first two weeks.  I am in a contest and I really want to jump start my weight loss and fat loss.  For anyone else, especially those new to the lifestyle, I would include fruits, nuts, and seeds since you are not in a contest and looking to make a lifestyle change.

Now that you have the diet down, exercise is another key component.  Five days a week for at least 30 minutes.  Finding something you love is key.  Crossfit works for me.  I have to force myself to take rest days because I love it so much.  It's the best thing I've found (and I've tried it all) that gets insane results and can be modified for ANYONE of ANY SIZE.  Find things that work for you.  Zumba classes, hiking, pushing strollers up and down hills.  What I would recommend is if you are not lifting weights, you need to start.  Muscle=lean sexy bods that burn more calories at rest.  Get more of it.

BUT I AM SO BUSY!!!!  Bullshit.  I am a mom, wife, and a full time doctoral student and I manage to make it to the gym almost everyday.  Stop making excuses and get your ass moving.  Even if you do push ups, sit ups, and squats while your favorite show is at a commercial.  Jump rope for 20 minutes every day.   Exercise is the key to more energy.  You want to feel better, get moving.

I know you guys hate me right now, but you want results, right???  Who's on board!?!


  1. Thanks for the motivation :D
    I really could start waking up earlier before work and working out.. I know it'll be worth it if I see results!

  2. Amy! You can totally do it! Every new muscle you see start to pop is amazing motivation! I told myself I would have a 6 pack before summer this year! Setting periodic goals, like a 5k every season, helps keep you motivated and the social aspect is incentive enough for me ;0) Hope some of these things give you some ideas!