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Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, my loves, I am moving on with my blog life.  Wipe away your tears, my darlings.  It is going to be okay.

It is time for me to bid Optimal Health Mama a fond farewell.  It was fun while it lasted, but I am officially done with this blog.    

I hope OHM has been helpful for you guys.  Thank you so much for sharing yourselves with me and being so beautifully respectful of my thoughts and ideas. 

And don't you worry...I have things planned.  Just not executed quite yet.  But when they are, you will know. And you will be psyched.

Thanks again!  This blog would have been nothing without your constant inspiration.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Two D's

I was really kicking ass this week.  I was working out hard, eating right, droppin' pounds, and feeling great.  Abs were starting to pop. 

Enter midterms.

It all goes to shit.  I relapsed into potato mode.  And tortilla chip  mode.  And hummus mode.  Not unhealthy fare, but in the amounts I eat them, it ain't pretty.

WTF???  Seriously!  What the fuck happened to me???  When I'm experiencing success, why do I backlash into failureville?  Oh yeah, psychology major, because I am trying to stuff down emotions with food.  Food works like booze in that way.  It can numb you and distract you from what's really going on emotionally.   All of the discipline I had reserved for my eating got channeled into sitting down and banging out pages and pages of midterms.  Then, food became my distraction from the stress of my midterms.  It became both entertainment and an escape.  That sucked- because I undid all of the positive work I had done over the week in a matter of two days.

This is where the two D's come into play.  I need discipline and I need distraction.

So here's the deal.  Stella is going to get her disciplined groove back and I am going to come up with some distractions for myself when I am stressed out or bored besides food.  Too bad Crossfit isn't open 24 hours a day.  I have been avoiding meditation for quite awhile, maybe that will work.  Or maybe Tara D. will get 15 phone calls a day instead of two to three.  One time I went to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting as a part of a project for school.  A lot of the women were knitting to distract themselves from eating.  Maybe everyone I know will have hand knit sweaters before the end of the week ;0)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Club Six Pack- Cut the crap

I'm am now excited to embark on Club Six Pack.  My initial excitement turned into horror and now has turned back around. 

I noticed myself feeling some sort of way all of a sudden- possibly resistant- to the six pack.  Negative thoughts have started creeping into my head- insecurities, doubts, and fears.  Even bullshit stuff like:  Will I still look feminine with a six pack?  Will my husband like my body?  Will I lose more of my breasts in the process?  What if I can't do this?

Making changes can be really, really scary and embarking on things that challenge us can make us feel overwhelmed.  We are attached to our habits, our lifestyles, and our bodies.  Looking different is change.  Eating differently is change.  Doing things you have never done before is change.  Scary stuff. 

I think I am ready to embrace change and accomplish a life goal of a six pack.  I know that my husband will never be repulsed by my appearance.  I will not look like a man.  And if I lose my boobs, Victoria has a secret called padding.  Oh yeah, and I can do this.

I asked Darin, one of the Crossfit trainers, about accomplishing a six pack.  Darin said something very wise- each plan is going to be different for each person.  How you get a six pack is going to be different from how I get a six pack.

Then he laid the doozy on me.  I had to cut down on my fruit intake.  Not cut it out, but cut it down.   For most people, this isn't a big deal, but many of my calories and food enjoyment come from fruit.  I use fruit in smoothies, fruit in salads, fruit as a meal.  I made excuses for a day and a half about how this was impossible for me.  Now I have finally come to the conclusion that I am being resistant, and this is manageable.

My eating habits are going to be tweaked.  Six pack abs equals serious sacrifice and I have to cut the crap.  No more five potato diners (boo), coconut milk ice cream (double boo), and no more french fries (damn it).  I need to incorporate more veggies in my diet and cut my fruit intake to 5 or 6 pieces a day- yes, you read that right- that is cut. 

Almost everyone who has expressed interest in Club Six Pack is a Crossfitter (shock).  Here is what I would suggest you do:  Get your body fat measured (mine was 19.5% to start), talk to the trainers about your diet and ask them to make suggestions on how to tweak it to get results.  Don't be resistant.  And while you cut the crappy food, make sure to cut the crappy mentality and doubts while your at it.  None of them serve you ;0)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Club Six Pack

So I guess the Valentine's themes are falling to the wayside as the people in my life are moving my writings in other directions.  I love when this happens!  Blogs seem to take on a mind of their own with the energy and feedback of the readers.  It's pretty freaking cool ;0)

I've been grain free for a few weeks now and am feeling amazing!  I cannot believe what a difference cutting corn and brown rice protein powder from my diet would make.  Now there have been some delicious substitutions, because you know I need some treats every now and again (Daily).  Sweet potato chips have replaced tortilla chips and I have been eating a lot of oven baked fries.  When I say a lot, I mean A LOT.  Last night I came home from class and literally ate 1 sweet potato and 3 regular ones.  I'm no joke.

I have been gently reminded by some of my fellow gym buddies that we are trying to work on six packs for summer.  I like to refer to my stomach as One Ab and a Pooch.  Thankfully it is pretty flat, but I have some work to do.  I haven't really been watching my calories or weight.  I am still seeing a lot of physical improvement from my workouts, but if I'm going to get into the six pack club with my buds, I'm going to have to get my ass/abs in gear and do some dietary tweaks. 

Thankfully, there is still time. 

The first thing on my agenda is to talk to the trainers to find out exactly how a 6 pack is accomplished.  One of my raw fitness gurus said that, "Abs are made in the kitchen," and I firmly believe that BUT I'm sure there are some workout tricks that can help this process.

I know the nutritional answer to this is protein and veggies.  No carbs.  Well, that shit ain't gonna fly here.  I'm the least carb phobic person on the planet, and honestly, I thrive on fruit.  So my nutritional adjustments are  going to involve major economic destruction in Idaho as I cut potatoes way down and up my fruits and greens. 

Anyone can get in on Club Six Pack,  Club Healthier Eating, or Club Exercise 3x per week.  Tailor it to your goals.  Join in and let's have some fun together!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Growing and Outgrowing

Sometimes we grow and sometimes we outgrow. 
Some people are a constant fixtures in our life while others fall away.  They become memories of the old you and who you used to be.  The same goes with lifestyles, thoughts, and ways of being. 

That is okay.  It happens.

This feeling of moving forward can be anxiety provoking, scary, exciting, and maybe even freeing.  But taking chances, making changes, and struggling is what brings us to new understandings of ourselves. It helps us find what we really want in our lives. Staying in patterns or with people or emotions who no longer "fit" might just prolong your agony or bring unneeded negativity into your life. 

I am writing about this because this theme keeps following me this week.  Releasing, growing, and outgrowing.  Things keep surfacing in conversation and the people around me have been talking about releasing in terms of pounds, relationships, anxiety, fear, inadequacy, etc.  With these conversations also comes the joy and excitement of moving on and moving on up Jefferson's style.

So go ahead and ditch shit- trim the fat shall we say.  Start to get rid of all of the things that no longer serve you.  Move forward, move on.  Release these things/relationships/ideas to the universe and start moving towards a healthier, happier, more beautiful, loving you.

I find that as I surround myself with supportive, positive people, my world has become more positive, my thoughts are more positive, and my "can'ts" have quickly become "cans."  Sending lots of love, positivity and growth your way today.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You're Sexy and You Better Know It

Sometimes we look at our physical bodies and are  harsh, lame ass critics.  We waste time and energy focusing on flaws when we could be enjoying these beautiful bodies we have.

So knock it off assholes and shake what your mama gave you!!!

 Take a good hard look in the mirror and check out those parts that make you super sexy.  When someone tells you that you look great, you better take that shit and run. Give yourself a compliment- you are totally allowed.  No one is going to call the narcissism police.

Focus on the sexy in other people while you are at it- especially your partners.  They deserve a little devilish harassment.   Nothing feels better when your long term love suddenly remembers you are that hot ass bitch from 10 years ago they couldn't keep their hands off.   

Just in case you may not  have noticed, the next couple of blogs are going to be Valentine's themed my cutie little Cupids.  

Have a very, very sexy day!!!