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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry for your luck

Thank God Nate never reads my blog.  That being said, I'm about to go all stealth on his ass.  I have recently been inspired by my friend and her husband doing a 30 day cleanse together.  Nate is about to embark on a  similar cleanse with me...but he has no idea.  I'm laughing my ass off as I am writing this.

The goals of the cleanse are as follows: 
1. To bond
2. So he gets a taste of how amazing it feels when you eat raw (with my lofty hope that he will continue with this because he feels so damn great!)
3. To simplify my life (cooking 2 sets of meals all the time sucks)
4. To help him lose those pounds he complains about on occasion.
5. To have the whole family go 30 days meat free

Here is the plan-
I am going to juice 4 jars of juice every night- 2 for him, 2 for me- and put 2 in the freezer to preserve vital nutrients.  Our lunch juices can thaw out during the day. The other two will have to just oxidize a little in the fridge because I don't want him to have to bust out the juicer before work.  And you all know my ass is not going to get out of bed to do it.  Some of the recipes I plan on using for my hubby's delicate palate include:
pear/apple/any green
orange/any green/carrot

I am going to be using vegetable juices because of my low tolerance for sugar.  We will be drinking 1 jar for breakfast and 1 jar for dinner.

Nate currently eats a raw lunch, so I'm going to keep him on his same lunch of Larabars and fruit.  My lunches are going to be green smoothies.  We will both have a mason jar full of Sunwarrior and coconut water as a snack. 

Sounds pretty good huh?  Now I just have to get Nate to commit!!!!  But I think with the enticing promises of weight loss, prepacked lunches, and a happy wife, I think he will be game.  Wish me luck ;0)  If I get to the store tonight, we will start tomorrow!

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