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Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2 of 80-10-10

Well, I have to say, so far so good.  I thought for sure with all of the fruit sugar I was eating that my blood sugar would be up and down in crazy shifts and that I would be acting like a psycho in accordance.  Not so much. 

The only issue I noticed yesterday is that I am not hitting close to the recommended 3,000 calories. I am stuffed.  Totally stuffed.  I used a tool called the Cron O Meter that calculates all of your nutrients and I was shocked at how many 100% RDA's I am hitting by eating this way.  I am taking a multi-vitamin too, but even without it, I got a crazy amount of nutrients.  

Protein was the biggest shocker.  Yesterday I overdid the recommended protein amount by A LOT because I grossly underestimated the protein in fruits and veggies.  I made myself a protein smoothie (only 30 g of protein) thinking that it would put me right were I needed to be (30 g), but I almost doubled that amount in fruits and veggies alone. 

Here is my favorite recipe so far.  I just finished eating it and it is so simple and delicious.

2 c. spinach
1 cantaloupe cut into pieces (the whole thing)
some himalayan (or sea) salt to taste
(salt is probably a no-no, but honey badger doesn't give a shit)

Breakfast- Four bananas cut up and sprinkled with cinnamon
Lunch- 10 Medjool dates, 7 deglate dates 1 banana (trying to get the calories up in this meal)
Afternoon Dinner- Listed above
3-4 liters of water throughout the day
So far I am at about 1,600 calories for the day.  I'm hoping I will be able to eat at least another 1,000. 

Weird things that the raw hippies said would happen that happened so far

1.  That you would go to bed bloated as hell and wake up unbelievable light.
True.  It happened.  I went to bed thinking, "those fuckers can kiss my ass, I look like I'm three months pregnant."  Woke up eating my curse words.

2.  I read about this after it happened:  They said you don't have to worry about overeating because the fruit will start to taste sour or weird when you've had enough.  It totally happened.  I was 1/2 way finished with my fourth banana this morning and I thought, "hmmm...this is starting to taste weird.  I guess it wasn't ripe enough or something."  Same happened with the dates and the cantaloupe.  When I was done, I was done and I knew it. 

Our bodies are pretty freaking cool, aren't they????

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