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Monday, January 23, 2012

Tomorrow is a Scary Day

Tomorrow is going to be a little scary for me. 

I am officially going grain free.

A month ago, I embarked on a raw challenge with a friend and honestly, although I eat very high raw, a lot of those little cooked demons deviled their way back into my diet:  tortilla chips here, some Tings there, a non-raw vegan chocolate bar... 

I would be okay with all of this other than the fact that I have issues controlling my cravings when it comes to these foods.  Moderation is not my strong suit.  I am not one of those people who can eat 10 chips and call it a serving.  I am more like a half the bag kinda girl. 

So the first two weeks of raw, I was going strong and feeling AMAZING.  As I started to backlash into my comfort foods (coinciding with the start of school), I noticed I over eat those foods, bloat up, and feel like hell.  I can eat a lot of raw foods and not feel poorly, but the second those processed babies hit the mouth and the belly, I feel like helly.  And if I take the first bite, it's all over (I repeat- I am unable to control myself with salty deliciousness).  So now the time has come to stop taking that damn first bite. 

I have been thinking about knocking out grains (corn is considered a grain FYI) for awhile.  I guess the real push came for me when I went to order my brown rice protein powder and I was having trouble ordering it.  I'm not sure if it was a website glitch or if they are discontinuing the product, but I took it as a sign.  I needed to bite the bullet and buy the other, grain free protein powder they offer.  So I did. 

Hopefully the non-raw foods I am eating are going to be more veggie oriented- roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, delicious veggie soups- and less shit oriented.  I am very, very interested to see how going completely grain free affects me. 

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Wow! I think that's an awesome move! Grains are by far
    The hardest to give up. You can do it. It May be easier if you set
    Another 30 day limit. Seems a bit easier
    To bear in small doses! Good luck and let us know how we can support you.

  2. Thanks girl! I want to work at keeping them out of my daily diet right now and making them more of a treat food or a not at all food ;0) Baby steps are key LOL