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Monday, January 9, 2012

A chance to turn it all off

One of my favorite fellow crossfit ladies posted this wonderful article today:


It brought me back to a conversation I had with Tara D. awhile ago.  We talked about how the middle of a WOD was the only time our brains ever turns off. 

As a wife, mother of two, and full time doctoral student, there is not a whole lot of mental down time in my world.  My brain is constantly flooded with insanity- my schedule, my husband's schedule, the girls' schedules, what's for dinner, writing a brilliant research paper, cleaning the house, calling that friend I haven't talked to in a million years, getting enough spiritual time, healthy eating, writing those thank you notes that I should have sent out last January.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  I wouldn't say I am typically an anxious person, but with the hectic schedule I have, it feels like if I miss one beat, the whole thing is going to fall apart. 

That is where crossfit helps.  Even though I am surrounded by people, my WOD (workout of the day) is the only time in my day where I get mental privacy.  It is just me and the task in front of me and if I am pushing myself to my physical limit, there are no other thoughts that get to creep into braintown. When I do notice outside thoughts, I know I'm not working hard enough.  I really connected to what the author said in the article:  I have no idea what song is playing, what the trainer just yelled at me, or what is for dinner.  I just go.

The more stressful my life is, the more I find myself at crossfit.  Other than sleep, it is the only time I get to experience the joy of going into shut down mode.  Plus it helps keep this old, stressed out, tired woman lookin' fly. 


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  1. So true Jane. And the more you turn it off the better you perform. Leave your troubles at the door and get your game face on.