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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mono Meals

Today when I finished my brutally awesome work out, I came home, started on some school work, and then realized I forgot to eat lunch .  It takes me awhile to get my appetite back after a WOD.  As I hit the kitchen to contemplate my lunch decision, I snacked on a banana.  I love bananas.  I don't know if it is the taste, texture, or their phallic nature that make them so appealing, but they are my absolute favorite fruit.  When I finished, I plopped the peel in the compost and had another, and then one more for good measure.  Lunch- done and done.  That is called a mono meal.

Mono meals are what raw foodists claim to be one of the ways to eat closest to nature.  If I was out swinging from vines (insert Tarzan/Jane jokes here) I would hit up one of the trees (and a hot native) and grab a bunch of bananas and eat.  I wouldn't be searching around the forest for some brown rice protein powder to add in or some nuts and seeds and my food processor to blend it into a gourmet concoction.  It would be a quick way for me to get calories and energy so I could hunt for more hot natives.   

That being said, listen to your body.  Today, I just wanted to eat the shit out of some bananas and I just wanted a simple, quick meal.  If the spirit moves you to try it, go with it!  It is a great way to give your digestive system a break from trying to digest 40 different things at once and allows your body to truly absorb the nutrients.  Give yourself an hour or two to get hungry again and then go for your other foods (proteins, fats, veggies).

For those of you who do not digest fats well, mono meals are a great way to start a work out.  This is a way to get calories and carbs quickly with minimal digestive effort that won't weigh you down or make you feel like you want to vomit during exercise.



  1. This made me lol. 1) I was wondering what the hell a mono meal was (so thanks for the quick & easy description) 2) Can I go search for some hot natives with you?

    So question: how do you know if you don't digest fats well?

  2. basically, you will feel like shit when you eat fat. I can eat an avocado, but too many nuts and seeds or too much oil and I feel like I want to get my stomach pumped. I have a very sensitive constitution. I figured this out with a holistic nutritionist who based his info off of tests/discussions of my health history.

  3. That's insane. I'm fascinated with the whole elimination diet trials. I can't believe how horribly my body reacted to dairy after a 3 week detox. I'm beginning to also think I'm having a tough time with soy. In small doses, I'm fine, but yesterday I basically had a tofu binge and have been sick ever since. Anyway, I consider YOU a holistic nutritionist; you know so much, hobeast!

  4. Sometimes I consider putting in a nutrition degree with this psych doctorate, but I don't think I could handle any more school hahahahaha! I am thinking I will team up with a banging nutritionist and open a holistic practice someday, but only time will tell.

    Soy, wheat, and dairy are those vegetarian staple foods that once you cut out, your realize how badly they make you feel! It's crazy! I know when I first cut them out, I detoxed like a maniac and then felt like a million bucks. I hope the same thing happens with you ;0) My newest blog is just for you- updating on my rawish 30 days.