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Friday, January 13, 2012

"I'm sorry I was such a hobeast"

Lifting is NOT my strong suit.  It seems like anything that does not involve a kettlebell, running, or body weight exercises causes me major mental strife.  Olympic lifts are enough of a struggle for me on a normal day, but when I have PMS- it is not a good scene. 

Today we were working on a move called a power snatch (I love the name of this lift on so many levels).  The trainer was working with me on correcting some flaws in my form.  I was overwhelmed, feeling completely disconnected from the lift, and very inadequate. I totally snapped at him.  I usually only reserve my hobeast for my husband, but today, I let it wail on my poor trainer.  To be honest, I was mortified.  I will lose my cool, but I don't like to lose it on other people (except Nate. I take sick pleasure in that). 

I had to apologize- hence the title, "I'm sorry I was such a hobeast." 

I know this happens to trainers all the time.  God love all of you and thank you.  When we are pushed to do things that are out of our comfort zone, sometimes hobeasts come out.  Emotions, tears, anger, frustration, inadequacy.  It is all a part of becoming your beast best.  In order to get to the places we want to go, there are struggles along the way.  So embrace that inner hobeast, take on challenges and emotions that are hard to face, and make sure to acknowledge the patience and acceptance our trainers give us that allow us to be vulnerable so that we can improve. 


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