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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Professional Jane

In the pre-kids day, I used to be a make up artist.  That involved lots of funky clothes, shoes, gobs of make up and occasionally some fake eye lashes.  After having kids, I reserve the funk for nights out and keep it real on the weekdays in stylin' yoga pants and baggy Xavier University sweatshirts that used to be my Dad's.

I have entered a new era.  The professional era.  I get to start seeing clients this summer for my first round of internships.  After assessing my wardrobe and realizing that I cannot go to interviews or therapy sessions in yoga pants and I will absolutely have to wear a bra, the challenge was issued:  I had to find some clothes that merged the gap between funky, comfy Jane and professional Jane.  Oh yeah, and we are on a serious budget!

I got two people on board to assist.  The two most fashion conservative people I know- Mom and Dad.  So Mary Ann, Tim, and I embarked on a true adventure:  Suit shopping.  And some of my favorite quotes from today went like this:  "Go LEFT Magellan, the suits are that way...Jane, you cannot have buckles or sequins, the funk has to stay on the inside of the shoe... no, a hot pink purse is probably not the best thing to take to a first interview... Earrings that big are only going to attract seagulls...No we are not going to the juniors department.  You are a grown woman with children!!!"  Let me tell you.  I had a blast.  First of all, the further I fall into the abyss of  the adult world, the more HAAAAALARIOUS my parents get.    Those two had me cracking up and my dad was the best purse carrier on the planet.  I had such a throw back.  I don't think I have shopped with both my parents since 1988 and that was for my first communion dress. 

They were also awesome at picking out clothes that really hit the mark.  I got a black suit- WITH PANTS- (so I could keep it as Diane Keaton as possible- Dad knew EXACTLY what I meant with that) and the coolest blue dress.  It went so well, that I think I would totally go shopping with my parents again! Who knew conservative Catholic parents were the best personal shoppers EVER!!!!

p.s. Nate has offered to proof read my blogs after finding spelling and grammatical errors so enjoy my newly furbished blogs with minimal errors (my dork ass husband just spend 15 minutes looking up the word "furbished" and trying to figure out if I should use "refurbished" instead.  Nerd ALERT)  Passion and hilarity don't always respond to spell check (anal much, Nate???)

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  1. Jane. 1-shopping with mom even though she HATES shopping has become more and more fun with age, so it was only a matter of time before you discovered how much fun shopping with your own parents could be. 2-I also am a spelling and grammar nazi like Nate and I appreciate the reduced occurrence of nervous twitch I get after reading because he is awesome enough to take a few minutes to double check! (I proof read for Ry sometimes...) Love you! And keep kicking ass!