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Friday, January 14, 2011

Optimal Identity

This is a short one today.  I am going to address the ongoing Zodiac crisis/Identity crisis/bad tattoo crisis.

I am all about astrology.  I think its fun. I have multiple books about it and at one time in my life was passionate enough about it to have aquired the knowledge to read charts.  Don't ask, I have a blog now and don't have time :0)


You are super special and sooooo beyond labels.  We all have bad tattoos.  Embrace them as apart of the time in your life when you had enough balls to go out and get a bad tattoo and thought you were an Aquarius but really turned out to be a Capricorn (Just sayin'). So as much as I love astrology, my bad tattoo, and being an Aquarius/Capricorn hybrid, I am still Jane.  You are still you.   And YOUR life is going to keep going on your terms because you are uniquely, beautifully, and wonderfully you. 

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