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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Optimal Denial

Every one has a different truth and every truth should be respected.  The path's we are on should not be forced upon each other, but listened to and respected.  Some of us are ready to hear and accept certain "truths" while others are not.  It does not make any of our experiences any less valid, an less real, or any less deserving of tolerance. 

A specific example I can give you of my truth is my hopeful return to vegetarianism.  I have been an on and off vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan for years.  When I have broken with vegetarianism, I have felt guilt.  Yes, I could chow down a plate of wings with the best of them, but every time I am participate in eating meat, I feel guilt, sadness, and remorse.  Sometimes these feelings have been stronger than other times, but they have been there all along.  That is no way for me to properly nourish my body or soul. 

I cannot deny that factory farming exists and the poor treatment of animals.  I refuse to eat grocery items that are laden with chemicals and hormones.  This choice is for my own body and my own health.  I am going to stop being in denial. 

One thing I will continue to deny in my overcoming of denial (hahahaha) is being a crusader.  Don't think for one minute, my friends, that when you are eating wings at Station Taproom or a delicious steak, that I am going to lecture you or tell you about factory farming, or try to tell you that your truth should be the same as mine.  That is not part of my journey.  If you are my friend, I love you and I love your truth.  It may be different than mine, but is no less valid.  So please, have the same respect for me.  I love questions and I love to discuss health, but I do not want to justify my choices, nor should I have to.  

Reflect on this the next time you find yourself judging someone's life choices:  Why am I in denial of the validity of other's life choices?  Am I so caught up in my own denial that I fear other people's truths?  Is my denial optimal and servicing me well or is it making my life less enjoyable? 

Sometimes a little denial is needed for whatever reason, but in my case, guilt was coming with eating, thus creating a toxic internal environment for myself and causing me to improperly nourishing my body and my psychological well being. 



  1. Nice! I too feel that I am put into a position of having to explain my reasons for so many different parts of my life- including training and eating! Thanks for sharing-

    p.s. I will never force you to try my All Peanut Butter Diet either!! well... it didnt work for me anyways!! :)

  2. hahaha! Derek, it sucks to have to constantly be explaining your lifestyle choices to people. Especially when they are HEALTHY choices! That tends to frustrate me. I am going to be berated about drinking green smoothies, but no one would blink an eye at me drinking a beer and chowing down on wings. That is one of the reasons I worry about the collective health of our society. What are people thinking, really? Are we in such denial that we cannot even determine what true health is anymore??? But the best thing I have learned in my psych classes is, most of the time, its not really about you. Its about them. Hang in there and know your choices will always be supported with me!!!

  3. "I love you and I love your truth" -great line.