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Friday, January 28, 2011

The sucky vegetarian

Alright, so January is coming to a close and I have determined myself to be the worst vegetarian of all time.  I cannot believe how hard it has become for me to give up meat!  I have eaten meat five times this month, which is a vast improvement over 5 times a week, but I still feel like a punk.  Dairy was a much easier feat.  I ate dairy once this month. 

The most frustrating part is that I started out with such GUSTO!!!  I was ready to take on the raw vegan world!  Then I slipped into some wings (noted weakness from other blogs) and blue cheese.  That started a downward spiral.  Its funny that four out of the five times I ate meat were this week.  This has been a stressful week for me.  I am a creature of habit and snow has screwed up my routine.  Frustration, fatigue, and boredom  really put me in a Debbie Downer mood!  I noticed that the more cranky I became, the more cooking shows I watched and damn you Giada, you make meat look so yummy and beautiful!!!

Observation has allowed me to note a couple of things:  Much like addiction, I am going to have to change places and things.  I love to go out to restaurants and vegan options are few and far between, let alone raw options.  I always feel like a douche giving chefs specific instructions- as if they don't have enough shit to worry about!  So here is where I need my vegan/vegetarian buddies.  I need to know restaurants in the area that have good wheat free, gluten free, vegan food.  Please, shoot me ideas!  I am incapable of going to Station Taproom and not ordering wings. 

Another thing of note is that when I was cranky, bored, and tired, I was more likely to give into temptation.  I think that generally happens to all of us.  Since it is inevitable that I will get tired, bored, and cranky, I'm pretty sure I need to find a hobby or distraction.  I really thought I had enough at this point???  Blogs, kids, grad school, cross fit...hmmm...

Another stupid thing I did was cook meat for my family and then served it to them.  That's like a crack addict firing up a crack pipe and handing it to someone.  There was bound to be a puff or two.  I think from now on, Nate is on meat duty. 

Here are my new strategies:
1. Celebrate my accomplishments- I greatly reduced my carbon footprint and got into some really good habits
2.  Forgive- I am bound to have some slip ups.  Observe the cause/feeling, find a replacement behavior, and move on
3.  Come up with these strategies and get my family on board. 
4.  My goal for February is to cut my meat consumption in 1/2 and try not to partake at all. 

Thanks for listening to me rant.  I really needed to vent and I need to be held accountable, even if it is to the internet :0) 

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  1. well, i am glad i am not the only one who fell off the boat- I ate a jar of peanut butter in less than 24 hrs... twice! in the past 10 days!

    found this cool website for searching for vegetarian places-


    i wish you the best in your goals for feb! :)