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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting a Blog

I'm home today.  Home with a child who has a stomach bug.  This is just the kind of thing that I needed to get myself in gear in starting this "intended" blog I have been meaning to start, started then stopped, and has been on my mind for a couple of years. 

So hear it is.  A morning with jack shit to do except keeping on top of the constant influx of laundry and making sure I have a constant eye on my daughter so I can hold her hair back as needed.  I am on break from school, all of my internship applications are turned in, I have explored all of my favorite health blogs for the day, and am tackling that eventual "to-do" list.  You know the one.  The one that has 1. start a blog  2.research cruises on expedia 3. Figure out a way to come up with 12k so your family could take a European Disney Cruise when you are in grad school and working off of a construction worker's income.  Oh yeah, and 4. Apply to local strip club because that is about the only way that the cruise is going to happen. 

Blog goals:
To explore optimal health through eating habits, lifestyle, and emotional health
Try not to cuss like a sailor
Entertain you with my banter, wit, and charm.

God help us all, but here it goes. 

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