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Monday, April 4, 2011

How do the health crazed navigate life?

Navigating social situations when you are a gluten free, high raw, almost vegan (I eat honey) is very, very difficult.  I am an adult, I am committed, and I make it work.  If I go to a gathering, I bring my own food, or eat before I go.  It's as simple as that.  I refuse to eat crap.  I work WAY too hard and love myself WAY too much to put crappy food in my temple.

My kids are a different story.  My standards of health are very, very high and in the past I have thought- it's only once in awhile, what's the harm?  But I am finding myself in almost daily food "situations."  Family functions, church, school snacks, birthday parties, etc.  It has been nearly impossible for me to stop horrific things from entering the beautiful bodies that I hold most dear.  Before I know it, like little vacuums, they suck in pizza, donuts, ice cream, cake, goldfish, candy, and dairy foods.  I am left in their crumby trails wondering how it happened and why I didn't stop it. 

In the past, I have worried about looking neurotic.  But guess what?  I am neurotic.  Health is important to me and so are my children.  It is within my power to stop them from eating shit and I am refuse to make the girls spend their entire lives figuring out what is healthy and what isn't like I had to.  I will not have my daughters suffer with skin problems, weight issues, migraines, sinus infections, or digestive problems when I know exactly what is causing imbalances and have the tools to make these health problems stop.   

As far as other people go, I have always worried about offending other people by bringing our own food to parties, saying "no" when people offer my children snacks, or seeming snobby because of my health choices. But I am coming to the conclusion that no one seems to worry about offending me when they tell me their opinions on my lifestyle choices, how I raise my children, or give my kids food without asking my permission  (one of my BIGGEST parental pet peeves!)

So after my daughter had an eczema break out after eating wheat and dairy, I have officially had it.  I'm done.  Everyone is going to have to deal, including myself. Its a lot of work making sure my girls, our families, and friends are educated on what the girls can and cannot eat and dealing with their reactions and questions.  I have managed to get through a birthday party, a church service, two days of school snacks, and a couple of babysitting stints with no wheat or dairy entering my beautiful babies bodies.  I am sure that during this process I will get lots of eye rolls and questions, but I'm ready and willing to get down and dirty and finally do what I think is right for my children.

Something that has surprised me during the process so far has been the level of support I have gotten.  My husband being number one on my list of amazing helpers.  He went out Sunday morning to buy gluten free donuts for the girls to have after our church service so that they would not feel deprived when they couldn't eat their normal body weight in donut holes.  My mother in law is awesome.  She is so health conscious, I didn't even have to worry about her.  She already knows what to do.  My parents were amazing this week with making sure the girls were wheat and dairy free.  I am hoping the people in my life continue to amaze me with their support, but I am prepared for the eye rolls and questions.  Taking the road less traveled by isn't always easy, but man, I wouldn't trade it for all of the pizza in the world. 

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  1. Great article post!! It's hard to abstain but totally worth it!