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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crossfit- You keep asking, so now I'm going to tell

I have been getting a ton of emails and phone calls about Crossfit.  Here are the dirty deets my loves:

There are a couple of resources I am going to suggest you look in to to get the history, examples of workouts, and nearby Crossfit gyms:
www.crossfitinspire.com (Frasier, PA) 
www.crossfitwc.com (West Chester, PA)
www.crossfitkop.com (King of Prussia, PA)
www.crossfitsouthphilly.com (Souf Philly, PA)

I started going to Crossfit Inspire in Frasier at the end of December.  I learned about it from two of my friends who are elite athletes.  When these two brutes started posting on facebook that workouts were kicking their asses, my curiosity was peaked.  So, I started emailing and talking to them and doing my own research.  I've been at it now for about 5 months and I am hooked. 

I am going to try to keep this concise, but when I am passionately all about something, that can be very hard for me.  So here I go.

l. Every day is different
2. Every day I accomplish something I never thought I could do
3. The trainers know what they are doing and are not douche bags.  They treat you with respect and are not intimidating.  They answer questions and will explain things over and over if need be (I know from experience on this)
4. The atmosphere is friendly.  People are nice!  Really, really nice!  Like, I would actually hang out with them outside of the gym!
5. There are all kinds of people, not just psycho fitness people.  There are moms, dads, college kids, high school kids, and my personal favorite The Fit Before 50 Club.  Gotta LOVE that!  There are people who are 115 pounds and people who are 300 pounds.  Some people are dressed in the latest fitness gear, some people have holes in their shirts.  No one really seems to pay attention.
6. For anyone who has spent their life as an athlete, this runs very much like a practice.  I love it!!!!   This is very down to earth and bottom line- EFFECTIVE.
7. They promote a dietary guide.  THANK YOU!!!!  Because no matter how hard you work out, if you are throwing down tasty cakes and pizza, you will not see results.  They promote the Paleo Diet, which consists of  meat, fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds.  People also work on their eating habits together so there is a lot of recipe sharing and emotional support. 
8.  When I hit 6 months, I am going to post before and after pics because I want to share my accomplishments with you guys.  So far, I have toned up, dropped a jean size, and have a ton more energy.

And here it is:   The keeping it real part that you guys love so much about me. 

For those of you who are afraid to make the financial commitment:  In the next month, every time you eat fast food, go to the bar, go out to dinner, or buy an extra 50 bucks of shit at Target that you didn't need, I want you to add it up.  I will bet that you will have MORE than enough money to pay for classes.  Seriously.  You are really just bitching out on yourself if you continue to make excuses.  And I say that with the utmost love ;0)


  1. I've heard you talk about your kettlebells, and my trainer recently introduced them into my regimen. Getting back from an injury as I am, I'm in kind of a love/hate relationship with them right now, and with my program overall. Can definitely feel the bodily and mental resistance and inflexibility that results from months of being laid up, and at the same time it's amazing to sense my body waking up and learning to move again. When I was injured, I was a lot more likely to eat crap as well. Now that I've started to get back in shape, I'm becoming more selective with what goes in my body.

  2. I LOVE kettle bells! They are killer, but man they work! I can totally relate to a love/hate feeling with them. It is so great that you are getting back in the gym after your injury! And you know I'm a huge fan of eating right ;0) So excited for you that you are one the move in overcoming your injury and the funk that often ensues when we are out of our work out routine.