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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colonics- Feeling Light

Last night was my second round of colonics.  My Saturday appointment was canceled because they lost power due to high winds.  Last night I got the dirty details about the "colon high" I experienced after my first session.  Colon high is a normal experience that happens as you become more and more clean.  Colon Master Flash said that because my diet is high raw and very clean, that I experienced the high much sooner than most people (score one for me!)  The feeling is so cool!!!  It feels very light and very light. Physically, you feel like you just shit out 30 years of waste, so your body feels light.  Mentally you feel clear, blissful, and like you are radiating light.  I also noticed after the first session, my skin looked very nice.  My skin is really nice to begin with, but I kept looking in the mirror and noticing that I looked kind of glowy.  Not Pauly D glowy, but a really nice, fairy princess glowy.  Like J-lo.  My third session is next Saturday.  I asked Colon Master Flash how often you should do a cleanse.  She recommended 3-5 sessions with the change of the seasons. 

Another strange thing that I forgot to talk about with her was my cravings for two things- young coconuts and greens.  I ate three young coconuts in the past five days when I normally eat them once a month because they are such a pain in the ass to open!   As far as greens go, I know they are good for me and I eat them, but they are certainly not something I crave.  Oh yeah, and those meat cravings???  Kicked to the curb!  So I am concluding there are some serious, positive changes going on in my body right now.  I am not attributing all of them to colonics, but I think the sessions are helping me get through the cleansing process more quickly and more easily.  Yay!!! 

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