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Friday, February 18, 2011

AWWWWW Shit!!! Colonics- Round 1

I made it through my first of three colonic sessions last night.  Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to my appointment tomorrow morning.  I was really worried about it being a painful experience- given the whole sticking a foreign object up your heinie.  It was very pleasant.  Seriously.

The appointment started off with my colon lady explaining to me how everything would work, going over my health history/issues, and we discussed my diet.  She was great and made me feel completely at ease.

After the initial discussion, I disrobed, and put on a hospital gown and socks.  Then I laid on a table and was asked to come up with something I was letting go of and something I was letting in.  My mantra was letting go of insecurities and unhealthy habits and welcoming radiant health. Then the fun began.

First I inserted a plastic thing that looks like one of the So Big Crayons up "there" and colonic master flash guided me so that I didn't hurt myself.  Again, my fear of a foreign object up there was great, but the pain/discomfort was non existent.  Then she attached a tube to the big crayon thing and started a series of fills and releases.  None of this was uncomfortable.  As the session progresses, some buddies start to exit my system.  It's pretty cool to watch the buddies, but I'm "a looker."  I look at poops, snotty tissues, loogies.  Sick, maybe.  But I always know what color things are when health care practicinors ask. 

After the whole thing was over, I went to the bathroom, exercised some more buddies, and the process was finished.  I was STARVING afterward, but what else is new?

So the weird thing happened when I was driving home.  No- I did not shit myself.  That would have made for a much funnier blog.  I felt a little like I was intoxicated.  I was driving fast and felt carefree, almost high.  I was vibing like crazy!  I went home, grabbed a cup of warm lemon water and snuggled in for some Jersey Shore.  I slept amazingly well and woke up feeling fantastic. 

Now, most of you who know me well know that I cannot STAND being told what to do.  Its a real complex that needs to be addressed in therapy at some point.  Anyway, I am supposed to be taking it easy over the series of colonics-no workouts except yoga/light walking.  I totally went to Crossfit this a.m.  I felt great through the work out except when we had to do some ab lifting stuff.  I felt a bit crampy through that, BUT, I managed to get my work out in and again, felt fabulous.  The beautiful sunshine is only helping today! 

So, would I recommend colonics- so far- yes.  Absofreakinglutely.  But, I still have two rounds to go and as you well know, shit happens and I could totally change my mind ;0)

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