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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plastic Surgery

Today I was driving in my car and the radio announcer was promoting their new contest- winning a breast augmentation.  For a minute, my normally desensitized brain fog lifted, and the strangeness of "winning boobs" started to overwhelm me.  My brain started going in a million different directions.

When did it become so socially acceptable to be giving away body parts?
Why are so many women interested in or have thought about plastic surgery (myself included)?
What does this say about women/society's impression of women/body image?
Why would this be a completely unacceptable suggestion for a man?

Wow.  So needless to say, I had a lot on my mind today.  I can't really answer any of the above questions. I can only really talk about myself and my own experience with plastic surgery, or lack there of.  I have had no plastic surgery.  I am not really against it, whatever you want to do.  But in my opinion/observation, very few people look better after they have had plastic surgery.  Think Heidi Montag, the Cat lady, and the Barbie Twins.  Perfectly beautiful women, absolutely ruined, psychologically and physically by trying to augment their bodies.

I'm not sure if there is a woman out there who has not considered what it would be like to have physical perfection.  I have pondered a tummy tuck to get rid of some loose skin on my stomach from two pregnancies.  I have thought about what it would be like to reflate my boobs that have fallen victim to four years of breast feeding.  BUT...those imperfections make my body my own.  It makes me unique, and whether it is conventional or not, it makes me beautiful.  Shouldn't it be more important to love our physical imperfection?  As human beings, we are absolutely, positively incapable of perfection.  If we dwell on "flaws" are we truly living?  Are we appreciating the beautiful things are bodies do?  Are we really taking good care of ourselves physically and psychologically when we beat ourselves up, starve ourselves, or compare ourselves to others? 

It is easier said than done to be "comfortable in your own skin."  If I never heard that fucking phrase again I would be so happy.  I am all about LOVING yourself.  Fuck comfort.  It isn't always comfortable to love yourself.   Don't break out the pizza and beer to show yourself some love.  Respect and love your body.  Exercise.  Show yourself what that beautiful ass body of yours is capable of doing.  Stop eating shit.  Your body is a temple.  Don't feed it garbage.  Stop trying to live up to other people's standards of beauty.  You are beautiful and uniquely you.

When I look at my body, I see a strong, healthy woman who has given birth to two beautiful children.  I see a person who can run 10 miles, take care of their family, get their doctorate, laugh heartily and has enough energy to enjoy life with their friends and family.  I fuel my body with nutritious foods and don't worry for one second anymore about counting stupid ass calories.  I walk away from every work out I do feeling empowered and impressed with my strength and stamina.  I don't focus on flaws anymore.  It's a waste of my time and my time is precious.  I focus on strong shoulders, powerful legs, and a beautiful glow that comes from living a full life surrounded by positive people and lots of love.  I hope you walk away from this blog and try to do the same.  You are a beautiful gift to this world, and every single "flaw" is a piece of your beauty.       

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