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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lent-10 minutes of face time/person/day

There are three people that often get the least favorable "Jane."  Those three people are my husband and my two children.  They get the tired Jane, the stressed Jane, the cranky Jane, and the Jane that does not feel like playing pretend because I have a huge paper due tomorrow- oh yeah-and fend for yourselves for dinner (everyone LOVES that Jane). 

So, for my lenten practice, I have decided to spend 10 minutes of completely focused individual time with Nate, Molly, and Lilah.  Thirty minutes a day reserved just for my three best friends.  Yesterday I spent 10 minutes playing pretend with Lilah and I spent 10 minutes cuddling and talking with Molly.

Over the past couple of days, I have notice the hardest person to get face time with is my own husband.  He is so busy with the band, tour, work, etc. and I am so busy with school, the kids, blogging, crossfit, and keeping up with the housework (that's a lie, my house looks like a turd sandwich right now) that we are like two ships in the night.   It makes me a little sad to think that our lives are so hectic that it is a challenge to find 10 minutes together!  I really like my husband!  I WANT to spend time with him- preferably more than 10 minutes!   I know many married people with children can relate to this.  But despite the odds, everyone is getting their Jane time and I find that I am feeling more bonded to each member of my family.  

Just a quick sidebar- I watched the most hysterical/touching movie last night on Logo- But I'm a Cheerleader!


If you haven't seen it, you have GOT to check it out.  


  1. I will never forget the night you two met, the post show IHOP! I hope you can find 10 mins a day, then increase it! You two rock! love you both!

    ps- what a great positive goal for lent!

  2. It is so crazy how difficult it can actually be at times to just. stop. everything. and listen or play or whatever with our own kids and husband. It's tough, but well worth the efforts to make it all happen. As I have gotten older, and less hard on myself, I have realized how I have these vivid memories of single things that happened or that I did that brought me joy growing up. They weren't things that happened all the time, just maybe once even, but it stuck. We don't need to be our childrens entertainers every 5 seconds of the day, but making small efforts will stay with them in big BIG ways.

    Love you! (whichever Jane you are, whenever. now go clean your turd house;)