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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Girl! Ya gotta EAT!!!

One of the biggest questions I get at my gym is:  What do you eat? 

Most of the time, I think people expect to hear that I have a very restricted diet with no carbs and no fun.  That is simply not the case. 

I eat whole foods and I eat a lot of them. In the past, I have tried every stupid nutritional plan and diet in the book (I have blogged about many of them).  I finally found balance in eating a whole foods diet and listening to my body.   Now, because of food sensitivities, I do not eat wheat and gluten.  I also do not eat sugar cane.  Those are my only restrictions.  I eat meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, gluten free grains, honey, agave, and french fries.  When I want to eat junk, I eat junk (french fries).  And I drink alcohol.  I'm not usually a Monday through Friday drinker, but I do enjoy a good martini and some wine on weekends (Carb Back Loading). 

When you work out as hard as most Crossfitters, it is vital that you listen to your body and eat when you are hungry.  For most of us, the goal is to put on muscle mass.  In order to put on muscle, you need to lift weights, work out, and you need to eat.  Bottom line.  A lot of people think in order to look "toned" you need to lose weight.  In order to be toned, you need to put on muscle.  In order to put on muscle, you need to eat enough to fuel muscle growth. If the muscle isn't there in the first place, no matter how thin you get, you will not look toned.  Case in point, supermodels.   This is counter intuitive to what most women have been told their entire lives which is to starve themselves and run.  Life doesn't have to be that sucky.  

Now, this isn't a license to hit up the Burger King drive thru every chance you get, but you need sufficient calories to build muscle, to maintain your work outs, and to leave you feeling optimal.  This might mean that you GASP gain a few pounds.  OMG.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  But the number on the scale is really not representative of how your body is changing when you gain muscle.  If you HAVE to have a measurement, go by clothes or body measurements.  But when you start squatting, your thighs may grow and your ass might fill out your jeans for the first time in your life.  It's a good thing, ladies.  A very good thing. 

Here are two of my favorite facebook "likes" for great information on eating for athletes and healthy body image.
Eat To Perform
Go Kaleo

It is always a great idea to meet with a nutritionist and go over your blood work, caloric needs, and get general nutrition advice from a pro ;0)

Happy, healthy, eating my loves!!!

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