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Sunday, December 1, 2013


I tend to give tons of accolades to my girlfriends. I have neglected to show my appreciation for my Brofriends.  This is my newest term for them.  My best brofriends have become almost as big a part of my social circle as some of my girlfriends.  Brofriends are so awesome because they add a masculine energy to my life that is often much needed.  I can talk to them like I talk to my girlfriends, but they provide me with insight from the Mars side of the coin when I am often thinking in a very Venus way.  Sometimes my Brofriends are able to simplify my overly analytical brain and show me that sometimes things can be simple.  People often say that men and women cannot truly be friends.  I think that is bullshit.

I love my Brofriends!


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