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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You're Sexy and You Better Know It

Sometimes we look at our physical bodies and are  harsh, lame ass critics.  We waste time and energy focusing on flaws when we could be enjoying these beautiful bodies we have.

So knock it off assholes and shake what your mama gave you!!!

 Take a good hard look in the mirror and check out those parts that make you super sexy.  When someone tells you that you look great, you better take that shit and run. Give yourself a compliment- you are totally allowed.  No one is going to call the narcissism police.

Focus on the sexy in other people while you are at it- especially your partners.  They deserve a little devilish harassment.   Nothing feels better when your long term love suddenly remembers you are that hot ass bitch from 10 years ago they couldn't keep their hands off.   

Just in case you may not  have noticed, the next couple of blogs are going to be Valentine's themed my cutie little Cupids.  

Have a very, very sexy day!!! 

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