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Monday, February 13, 2012

Club Six Pack- Cut the crap

I'm am now excited to embark on Club Six Pack.  My initial excitement turned into horror and now has turned back around. 

I noticed myself feeling some sort of way all of a sudden- possibly resistant- to the six pack.  Negative thoughts have started creeping into my head- insecurities, doubts, and fears.  Even bullshit stuff like:  Will I still look feminine with a six pack?  Will my husband like my body?  Will I lose more of my breasts in the process?  What if I can't do this?

Making changes can be really, really scary and embarking on things that challenge us can make us feel overwhelmed.  We are attached to our habits, our lifestyles, and our bodies.  Looking different is change.  Eating differently is change.  Doing things you have never done before is change.  Scary stuff. 

I think I am ready to embrace change and accomplish a life goal of a six pack.  I know that my husband will never be repulsed by my appearance.  I will not look like a man.  And if I lose my boobs, Victoria has a secret called padding.  Oh yeah, and I can do this.

I asked Darin, one of the Crossfit trainers, about accomplishing a six pack.  Darin said something very wise- each plan is going to be different for each person.  How you get a six pack is going to be different from how I get a six pack.

Then he laid the doozy on me.  I had to cut down on my fruit intake.  Not cut it out, but cut it down.   For most people, this isn't a big deal, but many of my calories and food enjoyment come from fruit.  I use fruit in smoothies, fruit in salads, fruit as a meal.  I made excuses for a day and a half about how this was impossible for me.  Now I have finally come to the conclusion that I am being resistant, and this is manageable.

My eating habits are going to be tweaked.  Six pack abs equals serious sacrifice and I have to cut the crap.  No more five potato diners (boo), coconut milk ice cream (double boo), and no more french fries (damn it).  I need to incorporate more veggies in my diet and cut my fruit intake to 5 or 6 pieces a day- yes, you read that right- that is cut. 

Almost everyone who has expressed interest in Club Six Pack is a Crossfitter (shock).  Here is what I would suggest you do:  Get your body fat measured (mine was 19.5% to start), talk to the trainers about your diet and ask them to make suggestions on how to tweak it to get results.  Don't be resistant.  And while you cut the crappy food, make sure to cut the crappy mentality and doubts while your at it.  None of them serve you ;0)


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