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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Two D's

I was really kicking ass this week.  I was working out hard, eating right, droppin' pounds, and feeling great.  Abs were starting to pop. 

Enter midterms.

It all goes to shit.  I relapsed into potato mode.  And tortilla chip  mode.  And hummus mode.  Not unhealthy fare, but in the amounts I eat them, it ain't pretty.

WTF???  Seriously!  What the fuck happened to me???  When I'm experiencing success, why do I backlash into failureville?  Oh yeah, psychology major, because I am trying to stuff down emotions with food.  Food works like booze in that way.  It can numb you and distract you from what's really going on emotionally.   All of the discipline I had reserved for my eating got channeled into sitting down and banging out pages and pages of midterms.  Then, food became my distraction from the stress of my midterms.  It became both entertainment and an escape.  That sucked- because I undid all of the positive work I had done over the week in a matter of two days.

This is where the two D's come into play.  I need discipline and I need distraction.

So here's the deal.  Stella is going to get her disciplined groove back and I am going to come up with some distractions for myself when I am stressed out or bored besides food.  Too bad Crossfit isn't open 24 hours a day.  I have been avoiding meditation for quite awhile, maybe that will work.  Or maybe Tara D. will get 15 phone calls a day instead of two to three.  One time I went to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting as a part of a project for school.  A lot of the women were knitting to distract themselves from eating.  Maybe everyone I know will have hand knit sweaters before the end of the week ;0)


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