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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long Time, No Write

Hi friends- long, lost friends!

So sorry it has been so long since I have blogged!  Life kind of got in the way of my enormously successful blogging career.  Hope you all have been able to live your lives without my brilliant insights ;0)

I have been going through some stuff, to say the least.  Stuff that is not easy to write about and stuff that really isn't the blogging world's business.   Even though stuff happens, life gets crazy, and things aren't always sunshine and roses- I will not fucking die. That is what I keep telling myself repeatedly as bad days seem to happen more often than good, when I'm feeling lonely, sad, or like the world is soooo not my oyster these days.  I keep repeating my new mantra:  I will not fucking die.  I will not fucking die.  Sometimes it's with a laugh, sometimes it is through tears, but somehow it always applies. It's kind of funny, and it's kind of reality.  When shit gets tough, you have to keep plugging way, keep believing in yourself, and know that you aren't going to die from tough times.  I know at some point I will come through on the other side feeling happy, like myself, stronger, and more amazing than ever.  But until then, I have to remind myself- that I will not fucking die and neither will you.

So whether you are on the good end of life or in the eye of the shit storm, know that everyone experiences both ends of the spectrum.  If you are in the storm, call up the people who are whooping it up for a good dose of hopefulness and happiness.  And if you are in the good, make an effort for those people going through it- I know I have certainly appreciated my amazing friends and family who are helping me get my shit storm together. 


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