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Monday, November 19, 2012

How a 7 year old motivates me

Over the summer, our coach hung climbing ropes at the gym.  When he hung them, I'm pretty sure I said, "No fucking way, dude.  It's never going to happen.  I'm not doing it.  EVER."  I don't do well with heights or activities where I could fall on my ass.  They are not my favorite.  I was scared and I had it in my head that there was no way I would ever be able to do it.

I didn't touch the ropes for a month or so.  During that month, my seven-year-old daughter would climb them before and after I finished up my work outs.  She had no fears, no expectations of failure, she just got on the rope and did it. It was so inspiring to see this little girl do something so bad ass.  My daughter is also very, very competitive.  She was immediately challenging me- "Why aren't you doing it, mom?  You're strong.  What are you so afraid of?"  As time when on, her challenges became shit talking. 

Now mama wasn't havin' that. 

So I got on that rope and learned to climb.  Now it is one of my favorite things. My daughter reminded me that my own fears and insecurities were holding me back from doing something pretty freaking cool.  Everyday my kids make me better and inspire me.  They motivate me to be my best, not only for them, but for myself.

What is motivating you to be your best?


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