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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A few of my Crossfit buddies are vegan and have been asking me about raw foods over the past couple of months.  We have been sharing books and stories, now we are going to share a challenge.  The month of August will be Rawgust (har har har). 

The purpose of this challenge is individual.  Some people are going balls to the walls and 100% raw and others will be incorporating fish, eggs, and chicken to their regime. 

My personal goal is to be a support person to those who are delving into the raw lifestyle for the first time and to revamp my Paleo regime.  I want to eventually merge these lifestyles.  When I eat raw, I feel vibrant.  When I eat Paleo, I feel strong.  I decided to merge this shit and get the best of both worlds!!!! I swear, I want to create a new subculture:  Rawleo. 

There are positives and negatives to both ways of eating for me.  Paleo can be a little carb obsessed and the amount of fat does not suit my constitution.  For some people, it works beautifully.  When I eat a lot of fats I feel weighed down, heavy, and yucky.  When I'm eating 100% raw, I miss meat and fish to the point of craving it like a boss.  Plus, I love to go out to dinner and raw food eating is not always the most social scene friendly lifestyle. 

Here is some food for thought- I wonder if anyone else in the world besides me does better eating carbs???   I actually lose weight when I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies and am discovering that I hold onto weight when I'm eating a ton of fat. Anyone else? 

I'm hoping to find balance between the two worlds and get juicing, green smoothieing, and eating clean.  I want abstain from meat and fish during these 30 days in support my vegan love bugs, but I'm going to the beach in August and I will want to indulge in some fresh fish while I'm there. 

If anyone wants to try eating more raw foods, jump on in!   It's summer, so now is the perfect time to eat more raw fruits and veggies!  Your challenge could simply be to eat raw for one meal or try to eat more leafy greens.  I will try to post ideas every week about ways to make this happen to support you. 


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