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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two Week Challenge

I am issuing a challenge.  Not a fat loss challenge, or a cleanse, or a paleo/vegan/weight loss challenge.  This is a two week, ditch the scale challenge. This is a two week "love your body" challenge.  

 I want everyone to knock off all of the fat talk, self-shaming, hyper-critical, non-productive body hate. Myself included.  Numbers are bullshit and are no measure of who you are.  The number on the scale or in the inside of your jeans does not measure kindness, intelligence, perseverance, wit, charm, humility, heart...the things that matter.    

Here is the challenge:

For a period of two weeks, starting June 5, 2014

*you will not step on a scale
*you will not engage in any type of negative self-talk
*you will not tolerate negative self-talk from others
*you will speak kindly about your body
*you will not shame yourself or make yourself feel guilty about eating any kind of food
*you will practice self-love and kindness toward yourself and others around you

If you have negative thoughts about your body, you will immediately call yourself out on these thoughts and replace them with the mantra of your choosing.  Some examples of this could be:

I love my body
My body is powerful
My body is strong
My body is creation

Let's take two weeks and focus on what really matters- not our body composition, but the composition of who we are.  

Who's with me???


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