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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The media doesn't give a fuck about you

Today as I was writing my dissertation.  I was writing about the objectification of the female athlete.  this particular statement really smacked me in the face and pissed me off: 

"Research shows that society’s perception of what is the ideal beauty is defined and perpetuated by the media."

Wow.  We let the media define what we believe to be the ideal physique for women.  In addition to this, we internalize this ideal.  When we internalize someone else's view of what we should look like, we start to believe that it is what we want and what we desire.  Their goals become our goals.  That is the most unauthentic shit I have ever heard. 

With the creation of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1997, came the bullshit phenomenon that not only do women need to be thin, but we need to be muscular and fit as well.  And oh yeah, your performance?  No one gives a fuck about that unless you are pretty, feminine, and have big ass tits. Thanks a lot "health" magazines for women who also encourage women to be an amazing cook, smart, funny, great in the sack, a size 2, and muscular to boot.  Thanks creating an unattainable view of what women need to be to please society.  Cool bro. 

I am so fucking tired of this.  Seriously.  The more I read and research, the more angry I get.  And as much as I have focused my energy on researching women, I am starting to see the way men are becoming increasingly objectified as well. 

On what level are we objects?  On what level do our bodies become more important than the spirits inside them?  At what point do we say "fuck this shit" and move toward a culture that values the human spirit and it's accomplishments, not numbers and measurements? 

As part of the challenge, I want you to take a page out of a fashion magazine, a women's "health" magazine, or a sports magazine and rip it to fucking shreds. 

Fuck the media.  I hate you today  you asshole pieces of shit. 
Thanks for indulging my rant. 


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