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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Challenge Day 1: Liberated as Fuck

Hello my liberated friends!
I am so glad you are joining me in the two week ditch the scale/love your body challenge.

As strange as it sounds to simply accept and love ourselves and our bodies, it is really hard!!!  We have been conditioned from a very early age not to do so.  Everything from Barbie dolls to fashion magazines sends us message after message telling us we are not "enough."  Boys see images of He-man and other Super Heroes which set up biased expectations of what is "manly" and "strong."  This is ridiculous.  We are so much more than these limited views of masculinity and femininity.

Well guess what?  Today is your first day of giving a big fat "fuck you" to all of that bullshit.  Societal expectations have been running your life long enough.  It is time to let your inner rebel shine and be brazenly unapologetic about loving yourself.

Assignment:  Pick out one feature of yourself, it can be a physical trait, a personality trait, or whatever that you find to be absolutely irresistible about yourself.  I chose my playfulness.  I love how playful, fun, and flirtatious I am.  And I am loving my new red hair ;0)

You are super fucking amazing sparkly and divine!!!!!


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