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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Healthy Life- Day 3- How working with addicts inspires me

I recently started doing therapy again as part of my doctoral work.  I adore therapy.  I feel so unbelievable lucky to get to connect with people on such a deep and intimate level.  Currently, I am working in an outpatient setting with people who are in recovery from various drug and alcohol addictions.  I have worked in addictions before, and I absolutely love it.

Some people see addicts as a frustrating group to work with, and that can be true if you allow your own ego to get in the way.  I find this applies to all of my interactions with others, not just addicts.  You cannot judge, or force, or plead, or heal someone into being something other than what they are.  And someone should never do that to you.  Things just have to flow and you have to detach yourself from what you believe is in their best interest and let them decide that for themselves.  Even if it hurts to watch and even if it not healthy.  We all have the right to learn, grow, and make mistakes at our own pace.  Support and love are the most important gifts we can give to others, be it therapeutically or in our personal life.

How does this have to do with healthy eating?  Whenever I work with people who are in recovery, I get inspired.  They are getting a fresh start and a chance to work at recovery for the first time, or the 18th.  There is a beauty to the process and an element of rebirth that is really powerful.  When I see some of the patients giving up heroine, alcohol, or cocaine, a little bit of sugar, wine, or coffee seems pretty doable.  It helps me to put struggles into perspective.  It helps me to remember how resilient and strong people can be.  And it inspires me to be better and do better for others.


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