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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 2 of Healthy Eating

I decided to change the name of the next 30 days to "healthy eating" instead of "cleanse."

The old saying, it's progress, not perfection applies to permanent lifestyle changes.  Kelly called me this morning and was a little distressed because she put capers on her salad and they have vinegar in them and aren't on the cleanse.  Okay.  NO.  This is not the direction we are going here.  We are not turning our lives into psychotic, neurotic, rule dominated, no fun cleansing.  We are trying to make permanent, healthy changes that will stick with us over the long haul.  It's about finding a healthy balance with food.

My food indulgences have become my norm (fries, chips, wine).  Same goes for Kelly.  So this new way of healthy eating needs to be less about being rigid rule followers and more about celebrating health and gains.  By giving up these major indulgences for 30 days, it's about hitting a reset button and making these things fun again, not daily occurrences.  These 30 days are about being excited to drink yummy smoothies and celebrating that we made it through a day without a cocktail or inhaling a bag of sweet potato chips.  The point is to be excited to feel healthy and strong.

Crossfit Inspire was buzzing about "the cleanse" today, so for many of you who want to join in, please leave your neurosis at the door and work with us on enjoying our beautiful, amazing, healthy bodies.  We aren't trying to raise our stress and cortisol levels by being raging psychos.

So throw some capers on that beautiful salad you just made and celebrate that you did not eat McDonald's!!!!  And if you can't live without coffee, okay, fine.  Do what you need to do.  Kelly's husband Jesse jumped in on the fun with us too and when he was being a little cranky pants, Kelly gently reminded him that he doesn't have to do this.  It's a choice.  I'm gently reminding you the same thing.  How you do this is personal.  It's your choice and you are an adult.  Do what works for you, your lifestyle, and your body.  I love you no matter what ;0)


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