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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Help, I'm stuck!

Sometimes right before we are inspired to mobilize and take action in our lives, we are faced with this feeling of being stuck.  This can often come with feelings of stagnation, hopelessness, irritation, guilt, fear, and sadness.  The even more confusing part of "stuckness" comes when these dragalicious feelings are accompanied with ideas of change, excitement for the future, thrill, and adventure.  It can be very confusing and emotionally exhausting. 

I think the turmoil before the decision to "unstick" yourself is the hardest part.  Sometimes instead of feeling like you are moving upward, it feels as though you are moving side to side.  Waffling, going back and forth, weighing the options.  The funny part is, usually, internally you know what is best for you, but the stuckness usually comes from protecting others, protecting yourself from the unknown, and trying to live by standards other people set for you. 

What is right?  Living a life feeling stuck in order to please others?  Sacrificing yourself and playing the martyr?  Are these things really, truly healthy for your psyche and the psyche of those whom you truly care?  Those are questions you have to answer for yourself.  Another difficult aspect of this is that although we are taught that self-sacrificing is this beautiful, amazing thing, we are also given the confusing message that if you are not happy and in love with your self, you cannot be in love and happy with others.  It can lead to very conflicting feelings which force you to examine who you are and who you need to become and the balance of the two. 

The beautiful part of all of this is that we have choices.  Every time you feel stuck or the victim of a situation you created or another person's choices or actions- you decide your reaction.  You decide the way you think about given situations.  You can move at any point when the time is right for you. 

Stuck is a feeling. 
It is not a reality.
And at any given moment, you can move. 



  1. Here's to UNSTUCKING ourselves in ALL aspects of our lives ! xo.

  2. ;0) We are an unstucking work in progress, aren't we? hahahaha