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Friday, October 19, 2012

Wing Salad

It's football season and sometimes we all want some wings.  Well, at least I do!  As you know, wings are a personal favorite of mine.  They are just so damn delicious.  However, they do not always agree with my belly.  Fried food usually hates me in ways I never thought possible.  BUT...I continue to indulge because I am a glutton for punishment and for wings ;0)

As most of you have noticed or will notice, the cleaner  you eat, the more sensitive or intolerant you will become to certain foods.  It's a normal, beautiful process but sometimes you just want to eat some goddamn delicious snack attack food without feeling like someone punched you in the stomach and then hooked you up with fiery diarrhea. 

Here's the best of both worlds bitches!!!!! 

Wing Salad

As much romaine lettuce as you like
Baked chicken or shrimp or no meat at all
Frank's Red Hot as much as you like (I usually toss in a couple of tablespoons)
Bleu Cheese, if you tolerate it (1/4 cup)
an avocado
If you really like celery, you could chop some of that up and add it too.
Toss and devour

Really delicious, gives me my wings fix, and does not make my belly hurt. Hope it saves one or two of you from a fried food ouchie belly as well ;0)


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