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Monday, May 7, 2012


Over the weekend I took Molly and Lilah down to Maryland to watch Crossfit Inspire compete in the Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition.  I took them for two reasons.  One was to give my husband a break and the other was so they could see the female athletes, especially the ones from our box. 

When it comes to raising two young girls, I want their perception of what is beautiful and what defines a woman to be vastly different than what society generally believes women should be.  I want them to be around women with muscles, women who can hang with the guys, women who are confident, women who are strong.   I want to expose the girls to a world where girls can do anything boys can do and where the boys are cool with it. 

I want Molly and Lilah to experience what Crossfit has shown me as far as body image, typical gender roles, how men and women interact, and how they treat each other.  I remember the first time one of the men at the gym told me that he looked at my numbers when he came in the afternoon and tried to beat them. A man was looking at my numbers as a goal.  As a woman, that was a big freaking deal.  I remember the first time one of the guys told me I was looking "jacked."  That was a compliment full of respect and admiration, not "your hot and I want to get in your pants." 

My girls are begging to do Crossfit kids.  I cannot wait for them to start.  Not only because it will make them strong and confident, but because it will continue to expose them to the way the Crossfit culture respects and treats women.  


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