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Monday, August 6, 2012

Rawgust- Progress, not perfection

Well, let's just say I have room for improvement in my 100% Rawgust hahahaha! I probably ate 2/3 raw this past week.  I noticed that I did eat WAY more fruits and veggies though.  I lost a couple of pounds and my skin looks like a teenagers (a combo of this horrible humidity and detox).  Whoo hooo!  Rawgust is like puberty all over again!

Rawgust is not only about raw food for me, it is about balance.  I think I achieved a fairly decent amount of balance this week.  I'm trying not to think so much about food and how I can get the perfect nutrient to calorie ratio out of every fucking morsel I put into my body and then get mentally exhausted and eat wings instead.  I'm challenging myself to not over think shit and just eat.

This attempt to be less of a perfectionist and live more is seeping into a lot of elements in my life.  It is a good feeling.  I'm not moving into a complacent place (as if that were possible) but in a place where I am not so hard on myself and am trying to focus on doing what is healthy for me in that moment.  Sometimes this defies what neurotic Nazi Jane has thought of as healthy- like taking rest days and eating some fries when the mood strikes.  Balance is healthy.  Stress is not.  Trying to be perfect is not. 

I love that saying, progress not perfection.  I'm trying to put that into my mental rotation of shit to say to myself (aka mantras).  I hope all of you who are participating in Rawgust are saying this too.  The goal is progress, not perfection. 

Smoothie of the Day
1 banana
1 packet of frozen unsweetened Acai
1 scoop Vanilla Sun Warrior
10 oz water
Blended and topped with gogi berries (I love those little buddies!)



  1. Hey Girl!
    Lovely post as usual. Im a big fan of cramming in in raw too.
    I feel like cooking (or overcooking) veggies washes away all the goods inside. I also think that for meats. I'm the first to eat the hockey puck burger that landed on the hot spot of the grill but I think there is benefit to a medium-rare hunk of muscle. I dont mess with raw poultry or anything less than cooked. Curtiss has an awesome story about chicken casserole, your should ask him.

    How long does it take for your different food kicks to kick in? What do you think is enough time to reap the benefits? Keep on keying girl!

  2. Hey D-funk! Thanks for the post!
    I am totally with you on cooking all of the nutrients out of food. I really respond to color- when food looks all brown, mushy, and grey-even if it is vegetable mush- it feels like it has lost all of its vibrancy to me. When I blend up a big, bright green smoothie, that looks, feels, and tastes like liquid gold. There is a lot of scientific evidence about the enzymes in food and how cooking does not completely make nutrition null and void, but raw is better for you.

    I agree with you on meat. I prefer it bleeding and I have read the same thing- raw is best. I find that I prefer the meats I can eat closer to raw- red meat, fish, etc. Chicken and pork aren't my favorites and I wouldn't eat them undercooked either. NAYYYYSTY. I also love grilled meat. Must be the cave woman in me, but it tastes 1,000x better to me than any other cooking method.

    I think you can see benefits from incorporating more raw right away. Sometimes you might experience detox symptoms (like my zits) but my energy levels are better and I just feel better overall. The cleaner you eat, the faster you feel benefits. If someone was on a diet of McDonalds and soda, they would probably detox like crazy and feel like shit. Someone like you who eats pretty cleanly would reap benefits quick, fast, and in a hurry. ;0) Thanks for the encouragement and positivity!!! Ya rock!