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Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Crossfit Family

Dear Crossfit Family,
Thank you for helping me become physically stronger and mentally tough in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you for providing me with a support system and thank you for being there for me through the challenges I face- not just getting through a work out, but the daily struggles.  You have dried my tears when I'm angry and frustrated, taken me out on the town when I needed to unwind, and have continuously checked in with me when you know things are rough. 

You are not just people I work out with.  You are my community and you are my family.  You are like my brothers and sisters- we squabble, we resolve, and we get closer. You understand that lifting is not just about picking up heavy things, it is a metaphor for perseverance and overcoming life's challenges.  And if I need help, you are always there with words of encouragement, an ear to listen, and a belief in my abilities that far exceeds my own belief in myself.  You laugh with me, you indulge my bad jokes, and you cheer me on.  You allow me to do these things for you, by giving me the gift of supporting you and being there for you when you need a boost.

I feel grateful to experience this energy and this kind of love.  Thank you for helping me grow, showing me the life I deserve, and for always being there when I have a rough day and need a reminder of just how important personal growth and change can be.

Thank you.

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