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Friday, March 23, 2012

I Lied

Okay, so I lied.  My last post was not my last.  I thought my new project with the beautiful and talented Tara D. would be up and running by now but school, the Crossfit Open, and her upcoming nuptials have gotten in the way.  That's okay, we go with the flow.  That is how we roll.

School has been insanely busy.  I have only had one major adult temper tantrum.  It came with the brilliant idea of quitting school and moving to Greece or Australia so I ccould evade the collectors who would come calling trying to obtain my hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans.  But I got over it and I am still here.  

I moved back into the realm of Carnivorousness.  That happened after a major set back for me with my Candida- I am pretty sure I have explained this shit in a previous blog, but if you have questions, ask and I shall answer.  I am finally feeling back to my old self again.  No more random anxiety attacks, weakness, or migraines. 

I have been thoroughly enjoying indulging in everyone's blogs.  I am just loving all of the honesty, hilarity, and positivity coming from all of you beautiful, wonderful friends.  It is like getting to look straight into your heads and getting to know you on a very personal level.  It is kind of voyeuristic, but that can be fun, right?  I am a psychology nerd, so this might thrill me in a way only the truly nerdy can understand.  Thanks again for letting me be a peeping Tom in your world.

In having this experience, it made me think about how personal I get on here and how connected this makes me to all of you.  Sometimes this connectedness can make me feel bogged down when I have so many other responsibilities and I feel like I have to write an earth shattering, mind blowing blogs (which I have yet to do).  And I think I tried to drop this blog because the experience was getting a little intense for me and a little scary.  I think I was really scared to tell my readers I had started eating meat again.  I felt like a hypocrite and like a complete and total waffler, so I bitched out.  Bottom line.

But what I am coming to realize through the stepping away process has been that it is not about amazing writing or how many fun facts I can tell you about the foods you are eating or if I am eating meat or not.  It is the honesty and the connection that comes from just putting myself out there and being real.  It is about expressing my struggles, not repressing them to protect you or myself from them.   

So thanks bitches for keepin' it real and thanks for inspiring me.  I am going to continue to try to do the same for you.


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